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Boss color confused

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Hello all, I'm new here at Well here is my question? What do you think about the colors? They all look great, but it's hard to make up my mind exactly? I have narrrowed it down to either White/black? or CO/black? I like the CO but it seems like everybody else does also, I see alot of them. I have a 3rd Q build date on one i preordered at MSRP. I ordered the White/Black w/seat and tor. Diff. Upgrades. Just wondering what everybody else thinks about the colors, my dealer still said it was'nt to late to change colors, but don't really know for sure? I don't see alot of the White/Bl. I guess that's why I'm kinda of leaning that way.???
Welcome to the site. My suggestion is get what you like, not necessarily what will be rarest. I'm not sure where you live, but even though CO appears to be the most common color, this is not a common car. There will be less cars built this year than Ford has North American dealers. So, it's not like you're going to be seeing them on every corner, particularly in whatever color you eventually order.
Fenderaddict2 said:
wish i'd known about white/black when I ordered my Kona Blue.

I'll trade you. You bring your car to me, and then you can wait for the 2nd quarter car to be built. You can have it white/black, and then we're both happy ;)
You can't go wrong with white/black as the contrast will mean the car is instantly recognizable. As a bonus, white engine bays REALLY showcase an engine. By the way, welcome to the site!
Hello, all. Since I last posted my color confusion, I have made up my mind and finally decided with the White/Black color, with Recaro/Torsen Diff. I hope I made the right choice, and actually got the car a little under MSRP. Last allocation the dealer had for this year. It is a 3rd quarter car, so from what the dealer told me it should be here in September sometime. So, now the waiting starts..... Btw I live in the Tulsa, Ok. area and The Mid-America Ford and Shelby Meet is from June, 15-19. It's usually a good meet if anyone is interested. Hopefully, there will be some bosses running at Hallett!!!!!!
Guess, I'll be driving the 03 Cobra, until the Boss arrives, I wonder if I'll miss that supercharger whin??? I think it will for sure be a huge upgrade... Can't Wait!!!! :)
I love the white/black combo. If I hadn't been driving a white Ford crew cab for the last 12 years I'd be getting a white one.

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