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Boss to Laguna Boss.

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Call me crazy but I just traded in my standard Boss for a Laguna after only owning it for a short time......I would of bought a Laguna originally but for the mark up....... every where...... was ridiculous ........well that seems to of changed for I do believe end of year tax reasons for a certain dealer that still had one...... and now its mine at MSRP. ;D......


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I assume your loss on the trade in was less than the original markup over sticker on the Laguna? How much over MSRP was your dealer originally asking?
Actually Pete you are right in a way, not trying to mock those who might of paid extra as I think the car is worth it....I came out about 2 to 3k ahead ( it had only 1.2k miles) from the original 15k mark up all the dealers around here imposed....just couldn't justify pulling the trigger on it at the time....but now have....the main thing is I'm happier now with what I originally wanted and its the black red as yours is.....I'm curious tho if this will result in extra time at Millersports park as factually I have purchased two Bosses.....I have given the dealer I traded the standard Boss info to give who ever buys my car my contact info as I still haven't recieved my gift package from Ford.

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