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Can I disconnect my negative battery cable without a problem?

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I have a 2013 BOSS 302, for long term storage I usually disconnect the negative battery cable until I am ready to drive again with no problems. Can I do the same with the BOSS? Will this affect the computer? Will the computer need to re learn its steps? Are there any steps that need to be taken when I hook the cable back up?
Yes you can disconnect it and when you reconnect it the only thing you'll have to do is reset your clock. If it's just to save your battery, you could pick up a Battery Tender Jr. for about $30 and just hook that up to your battery instead of disconnecting it.
NewBossowner said:
You will have to reset the window relief as well. It goes away if you lose battery power, instructions are in the manual.
You shouldn't need to do that. You do need to lower your windows before disconnecting or you won't be able to open and close the doors while it's disconnected with the windows in the full up position. I disconnect my battery every time I swap in my race seat to protect against an accidental airbag deployment. I roll the windows down before I disconnect it. When I reconnect it, everything works just fine.
Thanks Gary, I forgot about the windows. I just wanted to disconnect the battery so there is no power going to the vehicle. I am always concerned about a possible fire.


2012 500A #1626
:eek: Sounds like it's time to install a fire-supression system.

Maybe I've been lurking around here too much. ;D


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when you connect it back up its a good idea to do the idle relearn.

**do not touch gas pedal till its time to drive**
start car
let car idle till fan kicks on
turn ac on max for one min
turn it off
drive normally for 10-12 miles

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