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Car barely running after filling tank...OK a little later.

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OK, here's a wierd one. Took my Boss to the track this past Friday. Car ran great...had a blast...I'll post a track report in a day or two. On the way home I stopped for gas at a Shell station. Filled up with some 93 octane and went inside to get a cold drink. When I came out and started up, the car was idling very rough and almost stalling out. I decided to start driving and see what happens. No power at all...could barely get up to 60, it was missing like crazy and then check engine light started flashing. I pulled off the road, and opened the hood looking for a loose hose or wire. All looked fine. I limped back to the gas station thinking I may have gotten a tank of water (been there, done that about 15 years ago...gas station paid $700 for my repairs). Guy at the station said nobody else was having any problems with their gas. I was 110 miles from home but I know there is a Ford dealer about 15 miles away so figured I try to make it there. Started the car and it was purring like a kitten...perfect idle. I got on the road and it ran miss...full CEL. Drove home without a hitch. Car has been running flawlessly since. I plugged in a code reader today hoping to get some insight on the problem. NO CODES! I assumed if the check engine light had been flashing it would have set one or more codes. Nada. Any ideas on what the heck happened? I would hate to take it to the dealer only to have him tell me there is nothing wrong.
Hmmm, I've had my car start up like that 4-5 times now but it cleared itself out quickly and drove fine. I would say my car was like it was loaded up. All times this happened to me was when my car was warm to hot and outside temps were 90+.
It was not really too hot...maybe high 70's or low 80's. But so far no problems since.
I haven't had any issues like this and we've had pretty hot days in the Old Dominion. However, not as hot as Texas. I wonder if any of the forum members in Texas have experienced this. Sounds like this could be a good Stephen King movie. Maybe we can get the Boss to murder the Camaro and... ;D
Hey guys,
Same thing happened to me. I drove from home to local shopping center, just a few miles with the car running fine. Don't remember if the tank was full or not. Started back home and when I cranked it it was missing terribly. Tried to limp it out of the parking lot & check engine light comes on. I shut it down, re-started it, and it ran fine! No problems since then. I have not taken it to the dealer either because it seems to be doing OK now.
I thought I would wait til I go in to have TracKey software installed (if that ever happens) & get them to check for any codes then.
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