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Car won't start.

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With the weather finally improving here in VA, I decided to take the LS out on Friday night. Doors unlocked just fine but then with the key in the ignition and try to start. It clicks a few times and the headlights flash but doesn't start. I gave up for the night and took my daily driver(not as much fun) and went about my evening. I thought maybe something had happened to the key and the anti-theft system rejected the key so I tried the other key yesterday, same thing. Clicks and flashing lights. I had started it within the last two weeks to change parking spots, now nothing.

Has anyone had experience with this or know anyone who has? I will probably disconnect the battery for a few minutes today. Really hoping to avoid a tow trip to Ford.
Battery is dead.

Same thing happened to me with the clicks and flashing light when I tried to start it up 2 weeks ago.
Just connect a battery charger for half a day and you should be fine.

If it doesn't work, well it's a good excuse to upgrade to a lightweight battery ;D
I was hoping that is all that it was but my last experience with a dead battery was on my '06 and that lights didn't flash. I assumed that it there was enough juice to make every light on the car flash there was enough to start.

Thanks Swiss
Well I just went to drive mine for the first time since Nov and got the same thing. Starter clicks on and off and I noticed the car security light flashing at the same interval. Thought it might be related to the security system. I turned on the headlights to see how weak the battery is, and they come on bright. I'm more familiar with older cars that usually start up very easily if you have enough juice to power the headlight. Of course those cars don't have electric fuel pumps etc.. Interesting thing is that I was working in the garage about a month ago and decided to start it up. Car started just fine and I let it idle for about 15 minutes to make sure battery was charged. Well I just hooked up the battery charger. I'll check back in a little while and report if this fixed the problem.
It jumped just fine. Gave me an excuse to go on a long drive this afternoon, first since January. I just hope this doesn't become a trend. Glad to hear I'm not the only one confused by the flashing lights.

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