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Carbon Monoxide?

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Resident Mental Patient
I drove the car 200 miles day before yesterday, with the side pipe baffles removed, and when I got to my destination, I had a headache, felt a little dizzy and slept like I haven't slept in days. Now, it could've been that I was really tired OR there is exhaust getting in the cabin.
Yesterday, drove back home, 200 miles and had similar symptoms. However, this time I am thinking I may have been dehydrated. It was very humid yesterday at the track and I'll admit, I didn't drink enough.
Anyway, what are the chances of exhaust fumes getting in the car with the baffles removed?


Supporting Vendor
shouldn't be getting in the cabin, but the only way I can think to test this is to buy a carbon monoxide tester and place it in the cabin during a drive.


Performance Fords
My pipes are open and I never get anything inside the cabin. Of course, I do feel exhausted after driving an hour in city traffic but that's from the other guys exhausts, not mine. That plus the irritation of not being able to open it all the way up in traffic. Sometimes I just want to let her run but there isn't any safe place to do it in the bay area. Need to get out to the track!!!



Life is short. Live well!
I get exhaust fumes when I accelerate hard and the windows are open but it's just momentary. I've had the side baffles out since I bought the car so I have no basis for comparison. Plus here in SE Texas the a/c is on most of the time for 8-9 months.
I drive with my windows down most of the time because I love the sound of the exhaust and live where it doesn't get too hot. I had 5/8" plates and now QTP electric cutouts. I've never noticed any exhaust or had symptoms like you describe. Beyond that, my wife is VERY sensitive to exhaust (why do women's olfactories work so much better than men's?), is usually with me and has never complained of exhaust.
Could be that the section where the plate sits isn't sealed correctly after removing the baffle. That might be how, if at all, fumes are getting in.


Resident Mental Patient
Yes, sound tube is deleted but there is a grommet with a small hole that has a wire through it.
Picked up a Carbon Monoxide detector today and it didn't go off...yet.
I will keep it in the car for the next few days.
Drove it today for about 2 hrs, 1hr each way and I did experience some symptoms.
You are in Connecticut right? I got sick in my BOSS on I-95 from Saw Mill Rd Exit to Branford after the "Q Bridge" going 1-2, 2-1 on my gearshift for one hour! I don't think it was exhaust, I think it was disgust for the flippin traffic there! I can't believe I lived there 49 years! On the bright side, my gear box was completely broken in after 10 days of CT traffic! No lie, I live in rural Virginia now, I can actually blow my nose now and not have soot in it. i can't believe how dirty the air is there, until I visit. Seriously, my pipes have been open from 150 miles, I now have 7k miles on the car, no issues. As mentioned, check your exhaust flanges on the side pipes for leaks.

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