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Continental slicks - what/where to buy?

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For some stupid reason I can't seem to find a good online distributor for continental slicks.
I'm looking for the kind with the yellow "continental" on the outside. I know they have merged with Hoosier.

I will move to 18" rims for real racing eventually but have 19"x9.5's and 19"x9,19x10 rim set ups now.
I read that there are more 19" slicks on the market now. Can't find any.

Any helpful links (or recommended setups) greatly appreciated.
I asked a similar question a few weeks ago at the track. A fellow member mentioned he mentioned that their website is craps and it's better to call, and they can usually get what you need pretty quickly.


cloud9 said:
I don't believe you can buy them new anywhere. Most of us are getting them here:

Just contact Greg or Todd. I'm not sure if they come in 19s though.........

This resource worked for me. Have a set shipping out tomorrow. Thanks cloud9.

PS. So you can't get them new? Is that because they only get sourced by sponsored teams?
LOL Darren didn't realize it was you, i had asked the subaru guy parked next to you at the track.

but i believe you can't buy new because the racing series only provides them for the teams.
Ebay has em. 320 shipped for a set of 4.

I don't have any 18s yet so I've been holding off but I have these in MyEbay for when I have the coin. Don't go buying all of em now ;)

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