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Dampers installation, great video

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302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Ok, anybody running these on their Boss? I have been thinking about Koni Yellows. Which brand is better for the Boss 302 suspension set up with the FRPP Boss T Springs?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.
302 Hi Pro
Cosm3os has koni yellows.
I myself will be doing Koni yellow on my stock springs in addition to watts link. It is a mild mod, but will add goodness to the already good Boss. The boss like other s197s is not blessed with good dampers IMO, however some might disagree.
I remember seeing Hypermotive having a sale on Koni's. You guys might want to hit him up.

I also believe cortex racing has special valved Koni's for the mustang

Edit: my mistake, these were bilsteins.
Hi Pro, pretty sure any shock will work well with the T springs but better springs might be in your future if you get better dampeners.


Hi Pro,
I've got Koni Yellow/Steeda Sport springs, and it works well on track. Springs helped roll/brake dive quite a bit.

Video comment--anyone else notice he doesn't mention or use a torque wrench? That's critical for each of these bolts. And those strut mount bolts are small and use a fairly light torque, so a torque wrench to its specified torque is critical.
I found this, helpful info about installing lowering springs, but can be applied if you want to change shocks only too
13Boss#3328 said:
I found this, helpful info about installing lowering springs, but can be applied if you want to change shocks only too

Thanks for that link! Looks like a good informative guide.


Papa Smurf
Used the video to walk me through the install last weekend prior to getting my hardware. Was very useful, as I got my front setup done in 3 hours, and the rear done in 45 minutes. Impact gun helped, and I also used a torque wrench to stay within specs. Love youtube....

oh and the new suspension feels excellent :)

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