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Dealer cost for 2012 Boss 302...I found out!

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So I recieved my title completeion notice today from the county Dept of Revenue (thats our version of the DMV that hadles plates and documentation here in Colorado) and I saw an amount on this notice that significantly different than my purchase price. I then review my purchase agreement and the amounts are as follows...
Sale Price: $39456.26
Delivery & Handling: $499.85
Filing Fee: $27.20
State Tax 2.99%: $1158.73
City Tax 3.8%: $1538.31
TOTAL: $42680.35 Out The Door
After reviewing these numbers and the title notice, amount I called the county and said "My title completeion says the Original Tax Value is $36,639, but my purchase agreement states otherwise, and Im just trying to make sure Im being honest." The lady replies saying "The amount on your title completion notice is THE AMOUNT THE DEALERSHIP WAS BILLED FROM MFGR". I was shocked. So I figured I would share the numbers hoping to help any future buyers can negotiate a little more knowing the true numbers. NOW MY 2012 BOSS 302 IS A NON RECARO/TORSEN, NO MATS/COVER, However I did recieve a $400 voucher to have TracKey installed and free Boss 302 mats from parts. Happy negotiating!!!
Let me see if I get this right. You paid $39,456.25 and the dealer paid $36,639.00. So the dealer made $2,817.56 or about 7%. I own my own company and I knew there was a reason I never wanted to sell cars.
There are dealer invoices and dealer invoices. I know that from being a finance guy at a Ford dealership years back. That invoice price is probably more than the dealer actually paid for that car plus if you add volume and dealer promotional incentives on top of that, the dealer made more off the car than indicated - but probably not a huge difference. Dealers make the biggest percentage of their profit on used cars. Trucks traditionally have the biggest profit margin coming out of Detroit. The higher the MSRP the higher potential profit. A dealer will be lucky if they make $2K profit on a Focus or Fiesta - there isn't much margin on those type of vehicles.

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