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Do any 302S/302R race cars use the 10.5" BBS wheel up front?

I'm curious for a couple reasons: 1. it would require a spacer, unless they use an offset strut like the cortex unit that opens up some room; 2. because i would feel more confident using a bigger 15-20mm spacer to achieve a similar goal.

here's the wheel i'm referring to.

They do now. I'm not sure about 302R, but WC 302S will be able to run that wheel up front beginning this year. Nothing exotic up front, just a big ol' spacer. I saw this at Winter tire testing at COTA with the Capaldi team.
The 302S/R use different wheel studs if im not mistaken that allow the use of spacers? Any idea where to get these?
neema said:
aren't they 5/8" (instead of 1/2") versions of the ford racing/arp studs?

Wait - how do you put 5/8 studs in the place of 1/2 studs?
Do you hog out the holes? No, that surely is not right.
Do they use different hubs?


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Ther are special lug nuts that have 1/2" thread and are sized with a 5/8" cone seat to use with these wheels. The Ford Racing catalog gives parts #s for them in the wheel description. Only have a machine shop redrill hubs if you want to change stud sizes. Alignment and the hole size is critical and a proper press and drill bit size is the right way to do it. Jegs and Summit sell the correct lug nuts.
Good thing the ARP studs are very (very) long. Seems like you can easily stack over an inch of spacers in there and you'll still have plenty of threads left. Not that that's ideal...

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