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Do The Screw In Your 302 Is now at Thunderhill June 8

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Link to last years event.

Re: Do The Screw In Your 302 Two Saturday August 30th

Awesome! Should be great. Come on out to the west coast guys.

In for a garage. 8)
Do The Screw In Your 302 Is now at Thunderhill June 7/8

This event is changed to Thunderhill on June 7th or 8th. Now the question is which day do you want to run, Sat or Sun? I'm open to either and yes you can run both. Fat Boss, Yo Pauly and I have a slight preference for Sunday as the second day of a two day event tends to be less crowded and many leave at lunch. Please post up your preference for Sat or Sun. We will be running the entire East/West track which is almost five miles long! I've been on the new track (in a F250) and the transition from East to West looks like it could be a very fast downhill. I can't wait to run it.

BTW if you want to make hotel reservations now I recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Willows CA which is about 7 miles from the track.

We may call this event BOSS Thunder on the Hill. Anyone got any other suggestions?

I've also stayed at the Days Inn before and it's basic and clean.;l=Willows,+California;q=willows+ca+hotels;d=2014-03-09;n=1;si=759ed79f;av=r,_NEW_5_MILE_COURSE_-_FULL_WEEKEND,_June_7_and_8

Re: Do The Screw In Your 302 Is now at Thunderhill June 7/8

I'm in

Already signed up a couple of weeks ago for both days. We are staying at Holiday Inn Ex.

Looking forward to the full course. Sunday afternoons do have the least traffic.



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Re: Do The Screw In Your 302 Is now at Thunderhill June 7/8

Well this is disappointing but if I can make it, I'll see you guys there. If not, next time.
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