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Double Clutching

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Has anyone noticed that the Boss shifts way smoother when double clutching? I do it much more now than ever before. I know with modern cars having synchros it should not be needed, but my car is so much smoother when I do. Just curious. Please chime in!!!


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Double clutching can be used shifting up or downward.

Double clutching is best explained as pressing and releasing the clutch twice for each shift.

The easiest way to explain the procedure is to depress the clutch, move the shift lever to neutral, briefly release the clutch, press again and move into gear.
I'm going to try it next week. I do know it's way smoother when you're on the gas vs driving lazily. Will see how the "double clutch" does in cop heavy zones. I'm actually trying to live with the RPM drop down that happens on decel at 2000 rpm. Sometimes I like it...sometimes I don't.
I know it is unnecessary, but I wanted to know if anyone had been doing it and noticed if it was smoother or not. Sometimes I double clutch, sometimes I don't. ;)


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Sometimes I go the opposite... No clutching ;D
It's the ultimate in rev-matching!

But double clutching, I do not do. I don't see a need for it.

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