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electric steering

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I understand when you go from comfort to standard to sport the steering gets alittle more firm each time,my question is do the steering ratio's change as the steering firm's up or does it stay the same no matter which mode you're in?
Welcome to BMO. I don't believe the ratio changes it just changes the effort needed. IMO there is no improvement in feel or feedback from the sport mode so I leave mine in standard. Give it a try and see which one you like best.
I leave mine in sport mode, standard felt too soft.
I think its all personal preference, its nice that we get choices from a push of a button.
When I got my boss 2 weeks ago I started with sport,now I went to standard,I just wanted to know if the ratio's changed with the firmness of the steering wheel?
I started with Sport and now I keep it in Standard for daily driving. Sport was making it unnecessarily harder to turn in tight spaces at slow speed. I use Sport only on the track. I haven't tried Comfort - that seems like it would be as out of place as a automatic transmission. If I wanted these things I should trade it in on a Taurus. ;)
The steering ratio is the same regardless of the setting. It does not change; only the steering effort changes, and it's a pretty small difference between the three settings, IMO. I leave mine in std most of the time as a good compromise setting.

One of the biggest complaints you read about the Boss's electric-assist steering is the lack of steering feel. I think the steering is pretty darned good overall. No, it does not have the "feel every pebble in the road" feedback of, say, a Porsche 911. But I think it's plenty precise and quick, and gives excellent feedback of front tire grip.

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