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Exedy Customer Service

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Some of you may know I installed an Exedy hyper multi plate clutch when I swapped to the Tremec. From the start of this swap I had some problems with the clutch engaging and slave cylinders coming apart. I spoke with Exedy and also Tremec about the issues I was having. The tech support from Exedy was great from day one, however once we were sure that everything was installed correctly the problem continued.

With help from Racers Egde I purchased a hyper single to replace the multi plate, also an Exedy and the same clutch that is run in the Boss 302R. I informed Exedy, I should say I only deal with one person but I am not posting the name, that the new clutch was working great. I was asked if I wanted them to inspect the first clutch. Under the same circumstances with another vendor I may have declined the offer, I had way too much money in this to just to add on more with shipping costs. In this case, I decided to send it back because I truly believed they were interested in finding the what the problem could be and not just putting on an act.

Turns out there was problems with the lift straps. By this time the clutch was out of warranty but Exedy stood up and sent me a replacement. I thought I would pass this along here since they did not have to replace this clutch but did so as an offer, there never was any kind of arguement.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Good to hear.

With respect to the problem itself, do they feel the twin-disc would be suitable once the problem with the lift straps was fixed? Are you sticking with the Hyper Single?
I am staying with the single even if they offered to replace either style. Like I said I'm very lucky to have experts advise me on car setup and this is what they are running. I do think the multi discs would work and there were several reasons it did not for me. I don't want people to think it would not work for them as mine was an isolated incident. However having said that I would rather the single for track use, I found the multi was too grabby for my experience level. I turned the car sideways a few times shifting up to 3rd or 4th. For me the single works great and I have not had any issue at all since installing it.

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