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First track day with the Boss

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We did the HOD event at Laguna Seca yesterday. I've been tracking for 25 years, so this day was all about my 20 y.o son Taylor, and his first EVER track day.

He did exceedingly well, and is stoked to go again...the weather was spectacular and he 5 sessions in all. I grabbed one session late in the day as I had not yet driven the Boss on track, and that one session went much too fast (hastened by a red flag for someone going off)

Can't wait until the next one in November.

I was his coach, and here we are with me showing him the line on the orientation laps first thing in the morning

Looking good, I love that track and can't wait to go back. Are you going to TH with the Shelby club in a couple of weeks?

How did the Boss drive on track compared to your 2008 KR?
Hi Rick,

No, I can't make to TH as i'll be in Vancouver BC at a conference.

My next track day will likely be the Turkey Bowl at LS in late Nov.

While the KR is all brute force and sledgehammer, the Boss is balanced and much more refined. (I love the attributes of both cars)

I'll have both cars there in Nov, and then do back to back sessions which will really give me a great test comparison


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Very cool, I drive with my son also. Nothing like it. And I get a pit crew for free too ! ;D

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