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fitment guidance needed-change from Boss to 2013 GT500?

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Kerry, San Diego
I am looking to get some aftermarket wheels and am looking real hard at HRE wheels.

HRE is located locally in the San Diego area and I will pay them a visit tomorrow.

I have a question for the knowledgeable folks here.

Based on my type of driving (non track), the factory suspension settings are just fine with me. However, convertible fever is starting to get its grip on me. If a 2013 GT500 convert became available for a reasonable price, I may sell the Boss.

My question-can I purchase the same size wheels and tires used on a 2013 GT500 and use them on my Boss without changing the suspension parameters?

The thought, of course, is to take the HRE's off the Boss and put them on the Shelby.

Thanks in advance for help.
You shouldn't have a problem. Lots of Mustang owners including Boss owners use take off GT500 wheels on their cars. You should ask that question to HRE but I'm sure they will tell you the same thing.


Kerry, San Diego
Thanks; thinking about this, it makes sense just to move the Boss rear wheels to the front of the GT500 and buying a new set of rear 20" wheels and tires-if a GT500 deal even happens...


Kerry, San Diego
Stopped by HRE this morning. They are located in a large, clean modern building in the city of Vista, located in north county, San Diego. Manufacturing is done onsite. The showroom, not visible from the lobby area, appears to have one of every wheel they sell on display. The receptionist and salesperson were VERY personable and professional. The salesperson offered me a tour of the manufacturing facility but I declined because of time constraints.

This carbon fiber wheel is absolutely striking and is very lightweight:

My favorite wheel was the P45SC. However, at about $7K for a set, that is too much wheel to put on a Boss, IMHO. The wheel has very elegant thin spokes and is great looking:

Unfortunately, for the time being, I will have to go a different, now unknown, route. I need to find a set of high quality wheels for no more then about a 10% cost of a Boss MSRP.

My Boss that I am looking for wheels for:



Kerry, San Diego
For what it's worth I think optimal street width for the Boss and maybe both cars is 10.5" in the rear and 9.5" for the front. That allows a 305 out back and 275/285 in the front.

I have a lead on wheels that are 9" x 19" and 11" x 19". Any guidance on this size fitment to the Boss?


Kerry, San Diego
Now we have an issue.

The wheels are designed for an Aston Martin. Everything is ok, but the centerbore for the AM is 68.4 and to the best of my knowledge the Boss is 70.6.

Close, real close. i would love a set of HRE's but the $8K price tag for wheels for a Boss gives me pause.

The spouse is prepared (but would not be thrilled) if I pull the trigger. She says I deserve them...

These AM wheels are $4K, normally priced $8K new.


Kerry, San Diego
They should be plug and play. HRE will know the correct offsets.

Getting ready to order some wheels for #1804. These are the HRE wheels I think would look good on the Boss in a bright finish. The price in a standard finish is $6480:


This is the MHT "Niche Scuderia 5" wheel. What I am able to find online is that this company has a good reputation for making quality wheels. The price is $3870:


That is a $2610 savings.

I have a question if I go with a 20" wheel and tire package:

According to NFS BOSS, it looks like the 20" wheels should be "plug and play". Will there be less "air" in thew wheel well and will the speedo/odo be off?

Thanks in advance!
Check tire sizes you'll use at Tire Rack and their heights. Going 35 profile in front and 30 profile in the rear should keep you pretty close to stock height.

I like the looks of the Niche a bit better than the HRE's and almost ordered a set of those last Fall. I was going to order 19x9.5 and 19x10.5 and have them finished in a dark double tint similar to the second photo below. Here's a couple of PS I did last Fall. The top wheels were the best I could find to chop. Not many good photos of those wheels on cars.



Kerry, San Diego
Check tire sizes you'll use at Tire Rack and their heights. Going 35 profile in front and 30 profile in the rear should keep you pretty close to stock height.

Thanks for the reply.

If the 20's are going to be the same height, I will just stay with 19" wheels. The reason to go with 20's would be to get rid of the "air" in the wheelwells without altering the suspension.

What profile tire would be needed to fill the wheelwell and how would that affect the speedo and odo?

Thanks in advance.
The best way to reduce the gap is springs. I have the Ford Racing P springs on my car and they lowered the rear 1" and the front about 1/4". All you need are the springs and a panhard bar. LCA relocation brackets are also recommended and while you're at it the LCA's but you can get by with just the springs and panhard bar so you can recenter the rear axle. See the suspension sticky for more info.

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