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Ford/AAI Factory event visits

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May be aware of this but this is what I got back from Mr. John Clor from Ford Performance Group. thanks PJ for the contact info.

"As you may know, the Automotive Alliance International plant in Flat Rock, MI, is a Ford joint-venture assembly facility that is not open to the public for tours. However, in special circumstances the factory allows some Mustang groups to visit on a pre-arranged, case-by-case basis.

Right now, the Mustang Club of Southeastern Michigan (MOCSEM) is working with Ford Public Affairs and Ford Division Marketing to set up a tour of AAI to see Mustangs (and Boss 302s and GT500s) being built as part of their annual Mustang Memories show in August.

For 2011, MOCSEM is planning a 600-car show at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn on Aug 5-6-7, and will be hosting the Boss 302 Reunion in conjunction with Randy Ream's Boss 302

Part of the planned activities that for the weekend include an AAI factory tour and hopefully a drive on Ford's legendary Dearborn Proving Grounds test track. Should you wish to be included, you should connect with either or both of those organizations, as once plans are finalized, registrations for participants will begin.

I look forward to you coming to Detroit for this year's Boss reunion and AAI tour -- and hopefully will get to meet you at the Mustang Memories show!"
I did this tour last year with my MOCSEM group and it was pretty cool. Car show in the front lot for members. Ford had a bunch of New Mustangs to check out. You don't get to see the entire assembly process, but enough to give you an idea how it all goes together. You start in the stamping area and finish up in the final assembly area. Paint section was closed to the tour. If you get a chance, I think it is well worth it. The flexibility is amazing when you see every other car is a Mustang or Mazada. You see a big GT500 V8 engine rolling out of an ASRS unit next to a 4-Banger Mazada engine. If you have time you can go to Dearborn and tour the F-150 assembly plant as it is open to public tours. The Dearborn test track deal sounds like a must do event to me.

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