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Ford issues owner-only Boss 302 prints

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Y'all saw this, right? ;)

I agree, they are very cool. But for the amount of money they want for them...even with the 30%'s still a hefty chunk of change for something like that. If you're a collector though and want every single little piece of memorabilia when getting your new Boss...this is something that is perfect for those people. Myself(depending on how it sounds when I get mine without the discs on...and being 27..), I very well may spend said money on new axle backs to make my car sound the way I want it. Time will tell! :)
What REALLY pisses me off is the fact that the Laguna prints are a friggin $100 MORE than the other colors...$599.....WTF?!?!?!? That sucks large amounts of donkey balls!
Nice item, too pricey. Would make nice eye candy in the open trunk 40 years from now if the cars cross the auction block, but I'll probably be dead by then and $500 will buy 8 tanks of gas to drive the car now!
I agree too pricey but I'm going to have to suck it up and get it! Along with the grasses remote controlled car!
cloud9 said:
Mark said:
cloud9 said:
Hadn't seen that, but for $500, I'll buy something to make it go faster ;D

You ordered one didn't you ;D
OK, you got me now. My dealer called and said they ordered a complimentary one for me. Should look nice hanging in my office :)

Complimentary? That sure is a good deal from your dealership.....hope mine will do the samething! The prints are sweet and just gives you one more thing to show off with the car.
I ordered one .I know they won’t be available for ever ,and I’ll wish I had if I hadn’t!
The gentleman also said he would hold it till I get a vin # for the plaque.
I was pleased.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I heard somewhere that Ford will make them available to all Boss owners. I mean I have a Q3 car and if they discontinue them before my car is built, it's a bit of a sham. Also, they should maintain the 30% discount for all of us who have to wait for our cars, as why should we pay $100 more for something like that because Ford isn't building the cars quite fast enough or they are allowing dealers to charge over MSRP.
I have ordered one. I spoke to a dude there and they will reserve one and honour the discount (if you pay now) and get the ball rolling. They send the print to Parnelli to sign it and then it's framed and waits until you call in with the vin and build number info.

One of those things that if I don't get it, a few years from now when I see one I'll wish I had've gotten it.

Will be a nice addtion to the "mancave"








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