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Front end alignment question - do you need non OEM specs for 19x10 square setup?


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
For a street driven Boss, such as mine - is it recommended to tweak the front end alignment to account for the 1" wider tire up front to promote more even wear?

Way back when in my college days I put 60 series tires on my LTDII since it just looked cool even though factory tires were supposed to be 70s. 10k miles later the outer treads were way worn as they were not the right size.

Is the difference in size negligible for 2012-2013 Boss 302?


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Soooo just ask a qualified shop what their recommendations are?
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Mad Hatter

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Santiago, Chile
Oohh,, thats sounds dangerous..... Depends on the shop etc... I like the toe at zero and -1.5 camber for street driving... Did not have any wear issues and car feels better.

Norm Peterson

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Soooo just ask a qualified shop what their recommendations are?
Agree with both Grant and the Hatter . . . you need to bring your anticipated driving into sharper focus, and identifying that "qualified shop" might be a tricky exercise all by itself.

Basically, the harder you - on average - take corners, the further negative you'll want the cambers to be at. Up to a point, of course, particularly if most of the driving is on the street.

Ford's camber specs for the S197 seem to be consistent over the years with -0.75° being preferred over an acceptable range from 0° to -1.5°. I can't find where the Boss 302 was any different, though it's possible. Anyway, if we take -0.75° as being appropriate for the average non-corner-carving Mustang buyer, perhaps -1° to -1.25° would work for slightly/somewhat more enthusiastic street driving. From -1.5° on up you'd need to be getting pretty serious on a consistent basis (think "never met a corner you didn't like/consider a challenge" level of seriousness).

My sig picture is showing about -1.9° or so (driveway may not be perfectly level where it's parked). But it's always been intended to be suitable for at least moderate track use, and was at -1.7° when I first measured it just to see what it had. Toe is "minimally "in", don't remember the numbers for that any more but tire wear rates are telling me it's at least decent.

I'm guessing that a big part of the reason those 60-series tires wore so badly was that they were being squeezed down onto wheels way too narrow for the tire size.


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