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Gift From My Dealer

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I was fortunate enough to have been able to order a 2nd '13 BOSS. (#1479) My dealer who knows the story of Parnelli Jones being a boyhood hero of mine came up with an idea to surprise me with delivering my 2nd BOSS with a little something extra to say thank you for my loyalty. I won't bore you with the whole boyhood story but in 1970 I was 12 years old, my bicycle was a Fastback 100 painted SBY with black stripes and BOSS 302 painted on it by hand. Needless to say I have always dreamed of having that car.

Fast-forward 42 years and I can finally afford to have that car. This time around I picked up my new BOSS with PJ's autograph on the dash. Sure anyone could have signed it but I also got the original airbag cover without the autograph and the box with the shipping labels showing it's 2 way trip to get autographed.

Thanks so much Jim Carson, Blackstock Ford in Orangeville Ontario, Jim's partners at Ford and Ford of Canada and of course Mr Jones!!!


That's a very cool story. You and I are the same age and although PJ was not a childhood hero of mine I met him when I was about 12 and got his autograph. I grew up close to the Ontario (California) Motor Speedway in Montclair. When the speedway opened PJ opened up a PJ Firestone store close to my home. He was there every year doing promos for the California 500 and my brother and I would go there and stuff the free ticket box and usually win tickets to the race.
Great story! I too feel the Parnelli Jones signature sets the final missing piece in a remarkable automobile. Check out the same signature and Paul Brown's on my 2012 Yellow Blaze.

It's nice to have loyalty still mean something in today's world!!
hi there i had him sign mine also great guy. when i sent it to him i sent a camara with it and now have some great pics of him signing it to. Like carroll Shelby he asks for a donation to a great cause. And your signature looks just like mine so its real
I have spoken to PJ and had him sighn my #15 die cast mustang. He is a super nice guy and says he loved racing in that Trans Am series. Congrats on the signature thats really cool.
Very nice. Great dealer.

My dealer etched the windows so I'd refuse the car and their gift (to themselves) was to market it up $15k.

Nice to see there's ONE good dealer out there.

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