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got to measuring my ride height today

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and some interesting stuff came up.
i just changed out the springs to the eibach prokit.
along with today adding the cc plates.

seems my ride height has not changed on bit.
front or rear. test drove the car, tried to get it settled in and such. all seems good at this point just no change in the ride height at all.

27 3/4 on the fronts and the rear is at 28 even.

how are these numbers compared to everyone elses
Mine didn't settle any after installation and the drive home. My rear fender lip is at 28" with FR P springs. That's one inch lower than with the stock springs. Your rears are 1" lower now. I posted about this and posted before and after photos in the thread if you can find it.
I just put Steeda Boss springs in the rear. Left the front alone. Rear went from 29 1/8" to 28 1/4" while front is 28 1/8" so I maintained 1/8" rake, if you can call it that. I was relieved cause I thought the rear might end up lower than the front.
So, from which point do you measure the front/rear ride height? I just got my pre-owned car imported from the US and found out that is has got Steeda lowering springs mounted. I am just curious about how much lower it is than original.

Thanks in advance,



Stock is about 28 1/8" front and 29 1/8" rear. With my Steeda springs, I'm currently sitting at 28" front and 28 1/4" rear.
OK, here goes...

Mine is 27 1/2" front and 28 1/4" rear... 16 mm lower than stock in the front and 23 mm in the rear. Pretty much.

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