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gt500 problems

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I know its not a boss but I have a gt500 and the shifter Is extremely loose so I'm going to replace the entire shifting assembly. Then the clutch doesn't engage until its completely released i think it might be the clutch line is bad. Am I even close what else could be wrong?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
get a MGW shifter
could be worn disc or wore out throw out bearing (is there fluid leaking) I am leaning more towards a worn disc.
for a clutch I would swing for the fence and get a Centerforce DYAD and while you got it apart upgrade the clutch line to a JHR heavy duty line and install a new Throw out bearing.
Not sure what model Shelby you have but I've been reading on team shelby forum about a lot of complaints with the new clutch on the 13-14 Shelbys. People say they don't release like the old ones and difficult to get used to. Apparently there is a spring you can remove and the release point goes back like the earlier models. Below is link to the thread which explains how to remove. Good luck!

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