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Here is the tool you need to tighten the top nut on a Koni

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Nice. Do you have a link to one of those?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Man that's great--I have that as well. We were going crazy using all kinds of wacky sockets when we were doing that on my '06. Then we just said "f*** it" and hit it with an impact once it was in the car. Worked fine.
I don't see it on the website. Its a Pittsburgh 6-in-1 metric wrench at HF. Funny thing, I was buying everything that everyone else recommended and remembered that I need an 18mm wrench. Well, I didn't want to buy a set (HF doesn't sell individual wrenches) and I thought this one would do and then it hit me!


Performance Fords
Are you talking about the Dog Bone wrench?

Ha! Good eye! Just picked it up in November and I'm tweaking it alittle.

Its a 76 with a 74 tii motor. I've pulled the big bumpers and replaced the rear with an early chrome. The front will get a dam, but its too cold to do that now. Interior is waiting on some sweet custom Scheel replica fixed back seats.

Started as this:



Now it looks like this:




That thing is so clean! Where are you located? That thing is in fantastic condition.
The interior, the exterior...everything. What a great example. Thanks for sharing :D
Thanks. I'm in the Chicago burbs. It's no museum piece, but that's what I love about it--I can mod it and drive it without worrying the purists are gonna get on me!

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