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How long does it take to install the brake duct kit?

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Takes longer than you want it to ;D I could do it in an hour or so now, but initially it took me somewhere between 3 to 4 hrs. I also had to deal with the large splitter coming on/off.
It took me a good four hours but I took my time and did some extra cutting on the plastic. This is a good read if you haven't seen it yet.
5 DOT 0 said:
It took me a good four hours but I took my time and did some extra cutting on the plastic. This is a good read if you haven't seen it yet.

I have read your thread more than once; it is very helpful and informative. In the last set of pictures, posted yesterday, reference is made in the pictures to the curved plastic piece interfering with one of the hoses. Is that the alternator shield referred to in the installation instructions?
it took about 4 hours as well. i had trouble getting the passenger side hose around the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. What a PITA.
could anyone that has the ford brake duct kit as sold with laguna seca post scan of instructions if it came with any. My dealer had already installed cooling duct before another customer backed out on purchase of the LS. I purchased car after looking at it with lift and looks like brake cooling duct is squeezed into place by pushing aside the plastic wheel liner forward and inboard. just looks like it isn't correct.
I don't recall there being instructions with the ones I ordered, I have not put them on yet though I only peaked in the box to make sure it didn't just have a bid rock in there.
2012 instructions:

2013 instructions:
My kit came with instructions, but they aren't all that helpful. The text calls for removing the lower valence and modifying the front duct bezels (which is not required with the correct parts)... best just to follow the pics and text in the "How To" section.

It took me about 4 hours to do mine as well, not including the time it took to modify the backing plates and fab the spacers for the washer reservoir. If I had to do it again, probably 2 hours start to finish.

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