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I just got my boss back lots of things changed custom paint.

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As some of you know i had an unfortanate mishap in the rain. I figured I might as well change some things up instead of going back to stock. The wreck was luckily totally cosmetic. But the mods are as follows 19 inch Forgestar -f14 gunmetal on 295/30/19s, boss 302s front bumper suport, laguna seca xbrace color matched to car, LS Spoiler, Tiger racing hood with pegasus aerocatch hood pins, Borla stypes, boss 302s grill, and ford boss lowering springs.

Also to change it up a little bit my roof, spoiler, and hood stripe are all painted in tuxedo black. That metal flake looks great in the sun light Honestly the paint looks 10 times better than it did when i got it. Thanks to Kustom body and paint in asheboro nc.


Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Nice touch on the Tuxedo Black! I like that it's a factory Ford color that's used on other models/trim parts. Would love to see some pics in the sunlight.
I haven't had any time to take pictures of the car. Im out of town this week. Here are some they took at my brothers shop though.
Ill get some pics of it cleaned up and in the sunlight this weekend.




Color matched Xbrace


This guy knows how to recover from a crash in style! I love all the black on red. I will trade you my un-crashed RR, lol.

EDIT: what area are you in, I was looking for a good shop for a small dent pull but I am paranoid (for a good reason).
LP Heaven said:
looks fantastic - i love those wheels on the c/o so much and after looking at yours - i may copy you dude !

Go for it I can't take credit for them. I saw them on a yellow 2013 boss first. You'll love the them; I swear they way half as much as the factory wheels.
The masterg8 said:
They are the staggered set of 19s I got them from American muscle. I wanna say 9.5 front 10.5 rear.
That car is really NICE!
Isn't it 19x9 & 19x10 ?
What about the tires?
You mentioned 295/30/19 but that must be the rear I suppose...
275/30/19 front? 265/30/19?
How did you end up mounting the pins in the middle there, I was told you almost need to weld a nut to the upper rad support to screw the posts into.

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