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I know I will get stoned to death for posting this here.........

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We bought a SMG '13 GT Track Pack Car with Brembo brakes 6mos ago for my son to take off to school. He and I built his first and only other car from the ground up ('65 mustang w/ hipo 302) He and I have enjoyed and shared working on his original car, so when we bought the '13 the mod bug hit quick. The one thing his car didnt have that we wanted was the Recaro Seat option. Upon searching and looking for a deal, I happened on a wrecked Boss 302 that was being parted out. I ended up buying the entire interior and even bought some of the engine parts. I found a second Boss during this time and continued to buy everything I could, dash panels, Instrument cluster etc. I also bought some parts from a '14 GT500 that was salvaged and my son and I went to work. Its NOT a Boss, nor do we claim it is, but it is my son's Boss and we are glad that a lot of the Boss parts from some unfortunate cars live on in this tribute car. Did a ton of suspension work, exhaust and this car is a missile.

Great looking car! Thanks for sharing your story, I think it's great that you have the chance to build the 2 cars together. My son and I are fixing up a 2000 GT and it's a lot of fun to spend time with him on the Mustangs. Both cars will always be remembered by both of you. Welcome to the Boss forums also.

The only thing I could see stoning you for is if you paid more for the seats and other parts that could be had for much less from other companies.
nice job on the conversion, you really went all out

I assume you have seen the only real boss 302 made in the color -
Thanks Chris. My son from an early age, loved muscle cars and especially Mustangs. There was no doubt what his first car was going to be. He went from having zero knowledge about mechanics and maintenance of a car to being a damn good mechanic that is self sufficient maintaining his cars. The one thing it has done is how much he appreciates his cars. We still have his '65 in the garage for him to keep forever. He wiped that car down every single morning before going to school and he does the same with his new one. He takes better care of his cars than anyone I have ever seen.
Here is is '65 restomod we did together.
GOT SVT, yes. The M1 would have been a great car to win! I am wondering why they didnt produce more with this color scheme.
Great story.

The time you and your son have invested together is priceless and what you've instilled in him is to be commended.

This may be a little out of context, but: Thou shalt teach thy sons, and thy sons, sons…….

ps. the cars look great.
Man that is one nicely modded GT. I myself have thought about buying a GT and modding it similar to your son's. But I ended up with a Boss instead. Great build sir, I hope your son respectfully enjoys the car.

BTW what carbon fiber center console is that? Trucarbon?
Welcome to BMO. Did you install the side exhaust pipes too?
BTW what carbon fiber center console is that? Trucarbon?
Yes, TruCarbon. We started with kind of a carbon fiber theme. Here is what all we did with TruCarbon parts:
Front Valance, Rear Valance, Hood Exhausts, GT500 Spoiler,Quarter Windows, Mirrors, license plate panel
Steering wheel, Door Window covers, Door Lock Covers, Full Console,
Under the Hood
CAI, Radiator Cover, coolant cover, Fuse Box Cover, Battery & Mast Cyl Covers,
Carbon Fiber wrapped the Tower Brace.

Welcome to BMO. Did you install the side exhaust pipes too?
He and I installed a Lethal Off Road XPipe, and kept the 3" over axle pipes we had that originally went to Magnaflow Competition Cat Backs. I bought the quad tip SVT GT500's off of a wrecked '14 GT500. The inlet on those axle backs don't fit the 3" pipes, so I had a muffler shop fab some new 3" inlets for the mufflers.
The sound is just what we were looking for. At WOT it screams, but has zero drone and just a nice low tone cruising. After doing all the work, we debated going with Boss Stripes just because some chastise you like they did on our first build. He was a 15yr old kid and wanted anything on it that said Shelby even though its not a Shelby. In the end, we felt it would be more awkward having a complete OEM Boss interior and Boss bolt ons, with GT badging. We love the way it turned out. The one thing I have learned through both builds are if the kid puts so much time and work into a car, they take care of it. I was horrible on my first truck as a kid, but my son takes care of these like they are sacred :)
How is the fit and finish on the TruCarbon console pieces?
Well, at first, we were pissed and almost sent it back until we realized you have to take the rubber cover off the door so it fits :)
We first tried to fit it and thought we had a wrong piece. We did make an adjustment to the tabs that connect under the head unit to make it fit perfect. I learned early on, some carbon fiber parts fitment was crap. I bought a Siebon piece that was horrible. Had good luck with TruCarbon though.
Cars look great! Like everyone else said, just don't pass it off as a BOSS and you won't get stoned from owners or car-guys... I had a friend who could only afford V6's and he constantly made the exterior look like Roush Mustangs or BOSS 302s, he even had one dressed up like a GT500... But he only has V6's... Nothing wrong with it, and 98% of true Car-Guys know right away if its real or not...

That is one of the reasons "Mustangs" are loved so much, they can take many forms, "Real or Cloned"... regardless have fun with it...

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