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Installing FORD RACING Springs. HELP! HELP! HELP!

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Howdy all,

I am installing Ford Lowering springs on my 2012 Boss. The rears are done, however the fronts won't install with the new gt500 uppers strut mounts because the strut is too big for the mount to go through. These are the mounts LateModelRestoration said I needed to use. They are the # M18183C upper strut mounts going with the M5300P FR springs. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am on-hold.



Thanks everybody. I went back and checked and it made no sense to me to change the mounts. The new springs fit into the spring perch just fine, and the OEM mount looks to be able to work just fine. Problem now is the top of the mount separated from the bottom and as a result a couple of the bearings are missing. I am thinking I can at least put the car back together and just order a new one on Monday. I am only missing two bearings. What say you out there? I appreciate all of your help and I know who my buds are. And steveespo, THAT IS ONE BADASS BOSS ya got there.

Does anyone have problems with other Mustang owners? Most won't even talk to me, and the Boss owners don't seem to be much better. I did meet an owner of a 2013 same color as mine, and he was ok. I think I need some BOSS power from my Boss owning compatriots so we can form a united front. I also installed a set of new baffles with a 3/4 inch opening instead of the measly little pin prick that comes on the car. Sounds way better than full open, which means it is slightly tamer. This may even allow me to come home from work at night and not wake up the neighbors. NAAAAAAH. I think NOT. Still gonna wake'em up. Afterall, I AM THE BOSS.. Wahhhhhaaaaaaaaa!! WWWaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!


P.S. Do you think that was a tad too much with the sound effects, or should I take it up a notch? Got a puny little SS Camaro a few houses down and he never speaks or even looks at the Boss. Go figure...
If you're just driving on the road, can't find the ball bearings and are going to purchase a new mount anyway, I personally wouldn't be concerned driving on the highway. If you're buying a new mount. If you're just buying ball bearings, to fix the one you have I wouldn't drive it.


I took my Baffles out and went with a rear muffler delete. I really think this car is louder inside than it is outside. I was at a good guys event last year doing an auto-x and the announcer was tearing me up during my runs about how quiet the car was for a muscle car.

Plus you can still go through the neighborhood in a higher gear as to not disrespect your neighbors if you do make it louder.

Other car owners.

Not in the least, they all come up asking tons of questions. Quite frankly I don't care for attention brought on by material objects. I got mine in hopes Ford only makes these two years. Plus i wanted something to have some fun in.

If it weren't for the resale value, I'd debadge the car and put v6 emblems on the side. I'd rather be at events with people thinking how the hell is he beating me in a Mustang versus, figures his cars got more of this or that.

It's going to be more you going through the neighborhood waking up neighbors or if you're out with a hey, look at what I have mentality is the only reason I think you'll get a cold shoulder from other car owners. Or at least around here that would be the case.

I went to a Subaru event last weekend to race, had people wanting to take a ride. I'm thinking, really, my first time on an road course setup for autox?

When loading up had the instructor Subaru hired to do ride alongs came up to me to me telling me he had been eying my runs asking me questions and talking for an hour. I'm thinking hey, I need to be asking you questions.

Point being, I've not ran into a single person with any animosity no matter what car they own.
I have had nothing but positive response from others on my Boss (Not 100% true after yesterday). People are constantly coming to stop lights, or when I am getting out of the car after parking, etc to comment and look at the car. The not 100% true comes from last night driving to dinner I went past some guys at a shop working on another guys Camaro. 4 guys standing there.... 3 thumbs up signs and 1 thumbs down.

Funny story, a few days ago driving out of my in-laws neighborhood with my wife, a guy with his 2-4 year old son was in their driveway, and the little guy would not turn his head for a second. This Dad was practically dragging him down the driveway toward the house! My wife asked me, "How the hell do you guys even think about cars at that age?" I told her "Hon, I don't even know his wife, I promise!" ;)

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