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S197 spring help

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Vancouver, Washington
My head is spinning. Been working through options for many years. More seriously the last month. That is how is stumbled onto this forum.

Through all the specs posted on this forum. Have definitely narrowed it down. But still confusing myself. Can not afford coilovers. Car is over 152,000 miles. To my knowledge stock (owned since 70k mikes). Mainly a toy to drive in the summer. If I ever have time? Would like to take to the track. More entertained by the 1/4 mile.

Needing to do some maintenance.
Will be running fairly new 2008 GT500 shocks/struts. New GT500 mounts

Drag springs (BMR or FRPP Cobra Jet) lower the car too much. I already have clearance issues with my front bumper and exhaust. Drag my bumper on the driveway any way I try to exit. Don't mind the rear end being lowered. Difficult to drop the front at all.

Will be mounted on my 2005 GT
Have narrowed it down to Roush (rather not spend this much, but only .5" drop)
Post-2012 factory Boss (do these springs really fit my 2005?).
FRPP or Steeda (1" drop will probably be horrific on my nerves).

After seeing the Boss springs in the classified section. My question becomes:
Will the Boss springs lift my front end or leave it where it is? What should I expect in the rear?

Attached a pic for anyone to zoom in on.
Thank you for any and all assistance to solve my puzzle.



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My take away from your comments is you would like to lower the rear of the car and keep the front about where it is? If that's the case one option would be to get the Vorshlag height adjustable rear spring perch. This uses a coil over spring. Not the cheapest solution but gives you flexibility with rear ride height and spring selection. The spring you choose to use with this setup does not determine the ride height. Very easy to install. The 175 lb spring would be good for a street car. Lastly if you only lower the rear of the car you will actually get a slight increase in ground clearance at the front bumper. The car body is going to move like a teeter-totter with the front axle as the pivot point when you replace the rear springs.
If your after improvement for drag racing, autocross or track stuff feel free to forget what I said.
Good luck

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Drag Strip
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Under 3 Years
Vancouver, Washington
I like the idea of the spring perch. But out of budget. And my son and I have debated the lowering of the rear only, to angle the front bumper better. But we also believe the front springs could be worn. Looking for a new or low milage replace for everything.

Can't remember the current rear tire size off the top if my head. Been more difficult to find the last few years. Down to only 2 manufacturers last time I bought. Next time will probably have to go a larger diameter.

Think my choices are down to Roush or factory replacements. Til later on, have to determine where the changed on ride height will land. For both front and back? I do like the current ride height; especially of l need a large tire. Do prefer a rake.

Thank you
Somewhere on here you will find this post, but here's the pics for the low buck version. The problem centers around cutting the rear springs only to discover the spring diameter is too big .
You could also build some large washers ( check Speedway Engineering) for adjusting the ride height.


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