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is any one out there running a 19 inch

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slick or serious race tire?
you tire guys can maybe help me out. i am trying to, if possible keep from doing this 18 inch changeover.
i will if i have to. but im going to look at the 19 inches first.

im sure bucking the trend will prolly mean that this thought has been tried before and failed. either by cost or by the tires being unavailable.

what says the forum on this idea. i might just change to a track only wheel if thats a better choice....

Hoosier R6's fit the stock LS wheels just fine as long as you have the budget for them. You'll be lucky to get three days out of them.


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Steve - speak with SteveEspo, he's switching or already has.

As for keeping 19's vs. switching to 18's, IMHO I think (?) the car likes the 18's better. Not sure if it's the 1/2" drop in the front end, the lower unsprung weight of smaller wheels, whatever. I'd be lying if I said I did a true apples-to-apples comparison with the same tire, but the differences I feel in car balance seem to indicate that it's more than just different tires that brought on what seems to be a radical change from stock. That said, if I had ultra lightweight 19" wheels and some nasty R-comps on them, maybe only with a switch to a lower profile up front from the 40 series stock size, I'd get the same feedback from the car. Not sure....

I am hoping to be running 19" Hoosiers R6's by this summer. 265/295's. Cost to me last fall was right around $300 each. Not sure what the cost is now. Need to wear out the rest of the street tires I currently have before going to R's.

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