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S550 ITALIAN STANG BUILD :2018 MUSTANG PP1 10 SPEED Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

What's Friday look like?
Friday no racing.
I really hope we get more than 5 runs btw sat and sunday. But so far it is this.
Friday is 12 hrs test day.
The idea is to start at 9am. Test the car get use to the track try a couple of adjustments, Verified the right pressure, temperatures of fluids.
And call the day.

Spoke with Dean and we will have Nitrogen.

We talk via text for the rest :)


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Sharing this here, since Alessandro hasn't updated his build thread in a little while now... 🤐

Some photos from this past weekend at Sonoma:


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I have so much to catch up.
I wont be able to describe what happened in the last months.
So i will do the opposite.
I start from the end. And move back

2022 Laguna Seca Nasa NATIONALS 2nd place.

I couldn't defend the title of last year Daytona.
1:32.8 my best lap. Less than 7 tenths from 1st place of Jake Latham and his great corvette.
He won also ST2 race with so many amazing passes. He deserves the glory.cause he is an awesome driver.

Mustangs are not meant for Laguna. All people say Laguna is a power track. I politely disagree.
Laguna is a track that loves light car with good torque. Some of his minimum speeds are insane. The corvette is 2800lbs vs 3700lbs of my mustang (with driver in).
i found traffic in 2 of my sessions during hot lap
En fact my 32.8 was done on lap 5 on session 3 at 4pm. I know i left lots on the table cause i did 32.4 in june (video to come). I also made some mistakes. But that is racing right? A combination of luck, good driving and good choices.

So small summary of what was good and what bad.
Good : fastest mustang around there (not including the TT unlimited with 800+ whp )
Met great people. I've learned more about my car. I love w2w

Bad: i didn't win 😅. Traffic. Didn't drive at the best .Car with issues.

Speaking of issues..
I arrived at Laguna with the car snapping on t5 and t6.
Thought was a tire issue. Well it wasn't. I had same problem with fresh A7. This took away lots of confidence. Until my tuner asked me if i checked the rear pads. Cause it looks like they were dragging. Well the pads had a diagonal wearing and the top part was pinching through the slotted rotors. I swapped them (up side down) and, together with some extra front compression, i fix the issue.
Then in session 5 i started my hotlap..
Was pacing good.. and at corkscrew...the front left locked completely. I was able to keep it on track. But every time i tried to brake even with light pressure the tire locked again and ABS light came on.
Pulled in to find out that .... I LOST THE BOLT HOLDING THE SPEED SENSOR IN PLACE. No speed sensor =lock tire.
By the way. I run with the plug next to air filter disconnected. (The one for stability and TC) .I thought was disconnecting abs too. Well.this episode i think proves that it doesn't.
Alright. Now that we spoke about the last event lets do a summary of what is in the car.

I run JRi CORTEX DA with 800 lbs front and 950 read.
Full stiff front eibach sway bar. And the oem CONVERTIBLE rear one.

Fulcrum 14 by AJ HARTMAN wing

Front splitter.
ITALIA. I made it With 2 pairs of front tunnels canards and side plates (AJ HARTMAN)
and quick release Pro Awesome hardware.
To mach this front DF i need AJ wing at 7 deg minimum....making me wonder if i should upgrade to a dual element wing.
I have a 350 ported manifold that doesnt give more power but a better usage around 6-7k rpm.(still not sure was a good move..)
But is a necessary step for Cams.

Tune is by OZTUNING ,a great partnership
CAI is JLT. Headers are LTH.
CF driveshaft

APEX 18x11 EC7 RS forged.they are my main partners.
Vents. RACELOUVERS . COOLING IS BETTER AND downforce increased (Especially after i mounted the front diffusers)

THE TRANS runs cool now with my bypass.
Trans has 500miles.
Car weight is 3730lbs with me inside (190lbs)

Car still has carpet. And still being used.on the street sometime😅

Best laps.with new setup (better aero and new spring rate)
Sonoma 1:40.6
Willow springs 1:23.1
Laguna Seca 1:32.4

Old.setup (smaller aero softer springs)
Daytona 1:56
Thill 1:55 (more than 2 years ago)
Autoclub fontana 1:44 (but now probably close to 1:41)

So what is going to be my NEXT CHAPTER?
Short answer. I dont know.
I'm debating what to do next.
for sure I'll do a spec miata race soon.
But what in 2023?
Wheel to wheel racing with this mustang?
Keep mustang for time trials and rent a seat at WRL?
Should I sell this time trials ready Mustang and buy something different( supra?)
I dont know ☺️. What you think?

2023 upgrades list for the italian Stang.
In case i keep it..

. i trust his knowledge and his products are top notch( this could eventually allow me to increase rear DF so less wing angle =less drag)
FLAT FLOOR (.or semi) to maximize diffuser and splitter work.

CAGE. Although s550 has 35lbs more steel.than S197 I think i need to upgrade from the rollbar.

Final weight reduction
base on the weight.. (cage adds weight)
Carpet removal. Lexan windshield (i have but not installed yet) and door weight reduction (in case of cage)

Intake Cams, chain tensioner, and billet oil pump.
Bigger oil cooler (setrab 660) and different trans cooler (from mishimoto)

That I think describe and summarize where we are now. Hope you enjoy read it.☺️
Feel free to advice and comment!


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Congrats on doing well with all those car problems. the S55O is a pretty heavy car. Maybe loosing 200lbs would be the best way to go? Hows the hp now?
Congrats on doing well with all those car problems. the S55O is a pretty heavy car. Maybe loosing 200lbs would be the best way to go? Hows the hp now?
Car is about 250-300lbs lighter already.
Not sure how i can loose extra 200lbs.
Max hp 478whp.. little less than Daytona (485)but i have a resonator that i think is creating restrictions)
I could.trybto fit 335. not sure is worth it tho. Need bigger fenders and new wheels.

Mad Hatter

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Hmm... Sal and I are at 500rwhp with the gen3 blocks. With the gen3 you should be able to get a bit more. LM intake cams are a great upgrade.

I have 4 resonators a side!! Max noise limit for me is 90db

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Am pretty sure mines over 500rwhp since we later found a faulty chain tensioner that was giving erratic readings (knock).

copy paste from my sig.

Gen1 heads/ Gen3 block. hybrid coyote with 12:1 compression, ported Livernios stage 2 heads, Boss valve springs, JLT CAI, VMP 67mm twin TB, Ported Cobrajet manifold, LM intake only cams. Crank scraper and modified windage tray. Mishimoto rad. Modified LTH stepped headers with race collector, Custom 3" SS exhaust and Xpipe/H pipe. Calimer Stage 3 forged internals MT82, Moroso oil pan with Setrab 948 oil cooler, Exedy Hyper clutch and flywheel. AED built engine with magic tuna tune.

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