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Lateral gauge questions

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If anybody has an LS or the FRP gauges installed, any idea how accurate/reliable the gauges are?

I'm wondering if they can be helpful in experimenting with handling changes.

I put some A6's with camber plates and adj sway bars. My last event I the gauges registered 1.32 at an autox.


Does that number seem about right with Hoosiers for anybody with a gauge? I'm curious as to what numbers others are seeing on road courses & autox courses. (Not just going out and whipping the car trying to get a max, unrealistic reading.)

Does anybody use the gauge to experiment with handling changes? If not, what other devices do you do to experiment with suspension and tire changes to to verify you're going in the right direction (Other than seat of the pants.)

There are several datalogging GPS solutions that are excellent, I don't recall off hand which ones my friends use but I recall magazines liking the Driftbox but there are also programs for smart phones that have gps and the whatchamacallits that can sense movement. My friend has his GT3RS wired up with a system that syncs camera and OBD data and gps data, I forgot the name but I can ask. If you want real-time data rather than data to review later (some allow overlaying on track maps and cool stuff like that) then something like the driftbox might be a good solution.

Sorry I don't have any brands off hand, but those are ideas on stuff you can do so you can decide what to look for.
Thanks Cali,

I've got TrackMaster but the video isn't working. jscheier mentioned TraqMate. Last night I found out how to recall max recorded value from the built in gauges. I was just curious as to how accurate and reliable the data is. Also, if anybody has actually used it in trying to test.


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