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Like a Fish Out Of Water

OK, I had some better titles in mind but thought I would keep it clean. I feel like I died and went to hell, Chebees everywhere you look, they even tow their cars here with them!!! Most of P, BMW guys and others use a F150 or F250.

At least they all caught the humor (or my attempt at it) by wearing My Chevy shirt that Dan (berol) send me for this event. It went great with my Ford Racing hat ::) Seriously a great group of guys and gals, many from far away but ran into 2-3 people from FL that I have have run before with on different tracks.


Been having some major problems, yes my driving but talking about issues with the car. More on that later. For now a few utube vids of the Boss screaming down the front straight ;D

Wow is that a Camaro in the background? A rare sighting at a race track! LOL


That '12, er '13, er '70 Boss going by sounds great!
Hey, isn't there a Johnny Cash song something like that? ;)

Solution to feeling like a fish out of water is simple--spend a lot more time in the water!
Was a good weekend, did not turn out the times I had hoped for, my best lap was equal to before the new trans and clutch. Many of the Corvette guys were impressed with the Boss even if they were faster. I received many nice complements. It was super nice to have a trans that worked but I was off and getting use to the new gear pattern turned out to be difficult on track where shifting the MT82 pattern became second nature. For example downshifting going into low speed turn I was doing a 4-3 upward motion shift, now it was a pull down from 3-2. Same on the up-shifts I would be in three and push up like I was in 4 getting ready for 5th.

I was also shifting with too much force, no need for that now and was getting use to the ease of shifting after the first day. All the changes dialed out the snap over-steer problems I was having - wider tires on the rear, weight transfer, front FR racing control arms made the car very neutral, maybe even a little under-steer if I turned in to late. The times should have been better and my speeds were much higher, 135 vs. 130 on the front straight 140 vs 136 on the back and 136 into the old hair pin. I ended up over cooking the brake zones a few times because of that.

Made a big mistake of running sport mode the first day, I think it is time now to get the 302S ABS module. I had made so many changes I wanted to play it safe but it hurt more then helped. At one point it cut off power and would not reset until I stopped on the track and had to restart the car. Almost caused a black flag but got going just in time. This car is past the point of ever using the Advancetrac with all the racing parts. I thought a few times it saved me but it was going off in high speed turns mainly during up shifts when it should not have and even when it went off in a situation where it may have helped it was not more then I am now able to correct. Yea I know it was stupid to run it with all these mods but live and learn.

Two big things I did notice, one is switching to the Castrol SRF for good now. Couple of time I was standing on the brakes at the old hair pin, never a hint of fade in the pedal. Yes I do have a new brake setup that should run cooler but given how important the brake fluid is I am willing to pay the extra few dollars. Second is not only the increased power with the cat delete but how hard it puts the power down. With the solid motor mounds, slicks, Exedy clutch, T56 and driveshaft it feel like a one piece unit.

I can break the tires loose at any speed (not that i want to) like in the first vid below, scary. Happened a few times and needed to be a little easier on the clutch since it grabs so hard. All a part of learning I guess. Next is a vid during the first day session with Sport Mode on. Nothing special just a few laps with halfway decent times, plus missed heal/toe's and other errors :( I was trying so hard to turn out good lap times I forgot the basics, look ahead, plan ahead, slow in fast out and so on. I need to return to this before I can push the car to it's limits.


ArizonaGT said:
Scott--how did the steering feel with the aftermarket bushings on the front LCAs? Any shudder etc?

Also whos' tune are you running with the cat deletes? Car sounds great.

Tune is from VMP, Gary made the recommendation on them. Nothing fancy, just shut off the rear O2 sensors. I did the cat delete but also there is no muffles, just pipes. I was not looking for sound and would have bought a different set of muffles for better flow like the FR ones but did not want to spend $600-800 for them.

It is really hard to say about the feel with the Ford Racing LCA's and bushings. It did turn in much better and the snap oversteer is gone. Problem is I made so many changes at once to feel which was which. The shift pattern really threw me off, you can see in the vid where I am confused about what gear I was in. Because of that I was not concentrating on other things, however I can say that the steering was more precise on the hard turns, no slop to speak of.

I did not experience any negative problems like the shutter. I felt better after Kevin (I think it was him) say he installed the same setup, tried to induce the shutter and did not get it. Having said that a little birdie told me I will have to install the FR EPAS sooner or later the way the car is setup. I am guessing sooner is better.
I just listened to the vids in the first post, they sound nothing like the video before uploading. Too bad as it is quite different. One cool thing I picked up in that vid is you can hear the tires riding over the expansion joints in the old taxiway - as the car is coming toward you and after it passes.

ArizonaGT said:
Why will you need to install the racing rack the way the car is set up?

I can't find the email and not going to mis-quote what Mark said, I don't remember exactly. I do remember it was issues with the slicks but these race teams are looking at hundredths of seconds and for now I am not going to hurt the car using the stock EPAS. Thinking about the ABS controller next.

roadhouse said:
Nice videos! And good save ;) Glad you had a good day.

Yea that was fun ::) My biggest problem is car control, running Saturday with everything off again gave me more confidence with the oversteer gone. Now it is a matter of getting back to the basics again and getting use to the new setup.

Got a good angle on that slide ;D
SUPRMN said:
Just curious Scott.....what "notes" or "stickers" on your steering wheel?

Are they reminders by chance?

Oh yea, seniors need help remembering things :eek:

Turn off Advancedtrac, Hood Pins, no latch in car and Fuel, you look like a complete ass if you run out of gas and they black flag the session to come tow you in!

Like anything else I try to follow habits, put the pins in the moment I close the hood, place a gas can by the side of the car after the session while waiting for the brakes to cool and I use to leave the cup holder open until I set Advancedtrac, then close it. Still the notes help.
I have done dozens of track days in the rain, most in a Quattro, but the basics still apply...the best line to use in the wet may be different than in the dry. The dry line may be worn out and you will find more grip just off line. Stay of any painted surface..birms, lines, etc. Softer inputs on braking, throttle, and steering. If there is a puddle....avoid it. Leave your control devices on, unless your last name is Senna. And in the event you still want to go flat out....have your tow hook inserted before going on track.

Just my 2 cents..Driving on a wet requires patience and talent. Mastering a wet track makes you better in the dry.
Badhorse said:
Looking good Scott.

Thanks Mark, truth is it should have been much better. Going to at Daytona for two days and plan to do what I was saying about getting back to the basics.

BTW, hope things go well for the team and you get to the next race, must have been hard not being right there.

****For anyone that does not know Badhorse is a member of the number 35 Phoenix team and one of the nicest people you will meet at the track.****


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA

One more question: Which trans ratio set did you go with in the Magnum XL?

I was a little confused when the Mag XL ratios were announced, because in the close-ratio box, the 5th gear is like a .75, whereas in the wider-ratio box the 5th gear is a more road-race friendly .85 or something. Seemed backwards to me.
ArizonaGT said:

One more question: Which trans ratio set did you go with in the Magnum XL?

I was a little confused when the Mag XL ratios were announced, because in the close-ratio box, the 5th gear is like a .75, whereas in the wider-ratio box the 5th gear is a more road-race friendly .85 or something. Seemed backwards to me.

The close ratio which I have is
T56 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, .74

It was suppose to be .80 in fifth (the first overdrive) but they changed that. Many websites still list it as .80 which is incorrect. I think this was the ratio used by factory Chevys and they stuck with that, just a guess.

The other ratio is more for drag racing and not so sure it is called wide ratio. Most people refer to the trans as 2.66 first gear or 2.97 first. I am not sure what fifth is in the 2.97 box but it may also be .74

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