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Livernois Motorsports MyCal Split Personality Tuner

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This looks interesting. I wonder if this would work with TracKey too?



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I didn't watch the video but I'd be extremely cautious of anything Livernois puts out from a tuning perspective.

They grenaded a good buddy's Coyote when 5.0 tuning was just getting started and despite saying "they'd take care of him if anything went wrong" they totally washed their hands of the deal and he was left high and dry with a blown engine in a brand new car. Granted, these are the risks you take when tuning, but the whole response from Livernois was really disappointing and they won't be getting any of my money for the duration of my natural life.
Yup stay away. Guy living next door drop off his R/T CHallenger to get a e-fource supercharger isntalled, got it back last friday. They told him they did not like the system, becasue they could only tune 80 horsepower out of it? It is good for I believe 150 horses on those cars. Best part is he droped the car off in May. I told him so, but what do I know I own a mustang
RoushF150 said:
Wow, not the same Livernois I know. My experiences with them have been as good as it gets. I have 120,000ks on my Livernois tuned SHO Ecoboost with no issues and 12 second performance.

RoushF150, would your SHO be either the silver or green one?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
that would be cool if it worked with the trackey. I would want to use AED tunes on it vs the livernois. I have had great experience buying from them. I had their stroker kit in my 96 cobra and a set of ported 3v heads on my 06.

Cant speak for there work on installing stuff.

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