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Lodging for Track Attack/

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Heading to Track Attack on July 3rd and need to book a hotel. Where is everybody staying when they go?

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jlwdvm said:
Heading to Track Attack on July 3rd and need to book a hotel. Where is everybody staying when they go?

I don't know the name off the top of my head but the host hotel is listed on their website and they offer a discounted rate for TA. Thats' Where I am booked for August.
When I went last week, everyone stayed at the Hiatt, it is on Millers web site, nice place. You get a deal through Miller at $85.00 a nights, v.s. staying in Tooele for $127.00 a night.
I went for the special rate for the Hyatt. There is also a way to get a good rate for a rental car through the track attack site.
We're booked at the Holiday Inn Express in Toole for the 28-30th dates, for some reason the BTA promo code wouldn't work when I tried to book the Hiatt online.
I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Tooele as well. When I booked the room I mentioned I was there for Miller and they gave me a reduced rate since they are the sponsor hotel.


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Arizona, USA
When I went in 2012 the Radisson in SLC was the host hotel, they had a $100/night discounted rate.

It sounds like that's not the case anymore, but that hotel did have very nice, recently-renovated rooms, and a great bar/restaurant in the lobby.
One of the instructors at the track owns a hotel and i have ben allowed to offer you the use of a 20% discount code

see below

Hi Mr. Kirby,
Please save the following hyperlink and give this to your guests. This will take them directly to our webpage with the “LITES” 20% off discount and they will be able to make their individual reservations.

If they still have problems, please let me know. They can also email me directly and I would be more than happy to confirm their reservations as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

At your service ~
Aireann Lindsay
Director of Sales
8580 N Hwy 36 Lake Point, UT 84074
[email protected]
Office: 801-250-3600 Ext 153
I stayed not far from the airport in Salt Lake,not the best place there but it was cheap and Denny's was just down the road.Half hour drive to Miller Motor Sport Park.Spent the whole week in Salt Lake area,there's alot to do around the area.Put 2000 miles on the rental car.The Cabel's in the southern part of the state was amazing to see,also traveled around the Wasatch Mountain range,some beautiful seanery from the tops of the mountains.


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I'm going on June 5th, ended up getting a room at the Tooele Holiday Inn Express for $109/night (their discounted Miller rate). I figured staying closer to the track would have it's benefits after a long day of track time. ;D
i went april 11-12 as a 'guest' to my dad's BTA class.. however, i bought my boss the week after getting back.. going again on August 22-23. We stayed at the Hyatt in April and it was a decent hotel for the price. Will be staying there again in August!!
I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Tooele as well. I will use my points and stay without cost. There has to be some benefit for someone who travels as much as I do.

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I used Hampton Inn at Tooele. It was 12 minutes drive to Miller.
Didn't want to do any unnecessary driving after exhausting day at racetrack.
We stayed at the Home2Suites in West Valley - a Hilton brand. It's a very nice all suites hotel and the price was good when we were there in April. It's about 20 minutes from the track.
I'm doing a combo. Staying a couple days at the Hyatt so the wife and I can see the sights (whatever there are in and around SLC) and then staying at the Holiday Inn Tooele May 28 & 29 for BTA. Then head back to the Hyatt for two more days before flying back home to Alaska. We got great rates at both places but had to call them to set it all up. This is gonna be a hoot!!!

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