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Looking for Engine/engine bay cooling mods

HF Bass

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So I have a pretty much stock body 14' front end car. This past weekend at Road Atlanta I had quite a bit if heat issues throughout my sessions. I have a setrab 34 row oil cooler which kept my oil cooler than stock, but was still in the red on the factory gauge(still haven't installed actual oil temp gauge). Cylinder head and coolant temps were high enough for warnings. I know it's summertime and it's quite hot, but would love to be able to do multiple summer events without worry if it's feasible to cool down everything.

Looking into hood vents to get some heat extraction. What have you guys done for heat extraction? Would hood vents be enough to allow everything to come down in temps? Any bumper/grille modifications?


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First, as Grant indicated, either pull you front grill and fog lights entirely or install a high flow billet grille without the lights. Bottom line, you need more airflow.

Second, your oil cooler isn’t big enough. If your just running an air to oil cooler, you need to consider Setrabs largest coolers such as the 948. The other option is to install an OEM water to oil cooler in addition to your current 34 row.

Third, you may need a larger capacity radiator.

Fourth, build ducting to better enclose your radiator. Black Boss has a post in the how to section. I believe there is also a write up in ArizonaBoss race car build thread.

Hood venting would be one of the last items I would worry about. I really didn’t notice a temperature difference when I installed tiger hood.


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A Tiger hood dropped me 10-12* ECTs.
Next plan is to box in the radiator.


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After 3 tries to get it right I tell everyone just start with a 948 setrab.
Still wasn't great until I added the Trackspec hood vents.
I haven't seen oil temp over 250 since.


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I should note that the Tiger hood was only installed after I had installed a billet grille, added oil coolers (first a Setrab 172 combined with the OEM oil to water cooler and then a Setrab 172 in series with a 925), and upgraded the radiator. So, that might be a reason I did not see much of a difference.

If you run the OEM oil to water cooler, you will have higher coolant temperatures.

With the two oil coolers, a FRPP radiator, GT500 fans, and Tiger hood, my car's coolant temperatures runs 220 - 235 degrees measured at the block heater port on the driver's side and the oil temperatures run 250 - 270 degrees measured before the coolers depending on the outside temperature.


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Yes to LARGE (948) oil cooler, I am also running a Kenny Brown 3 core triple pass radiator with the GT500 fan and a very open grill. Oil and water temps same as 2012-Boss above. I just installed TrackSpec hood vents, we will see how much that helps.

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