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lowering springs install problem

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Too Hot for the Boss!
With the OEM perch, you really need to hit it with an impact to get the nut on and then torque to spec. Do you happen to have a strap wrench? You can use the strap wrench on the strut shaft and then hit the upper nut with an impact. Be aware that if you scratch or gouge the shaft, it can result in damaging the strut seals and lead to strut failure.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
if you are talking about the nut that goes on the strut shaft and holds on the strut mount then this is what I do. I take a rag through the spring and put it around the shaft and using a big pair of channel locks grab the shaft to hold it still then hit it with my impact gun and its on. this of coarse is done while the spring compressors are in place.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
jfolsom28 said:
Both of those ideas sound good another thing how far am I suppose to tighten it down? Till it stops?
yeah at 49ftlbs I believe is what you want to torque it to. I dont I just zip it on with my impact gun and call it good. then release the compressors. be careful of the ball bearings......

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