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Lug Nuts and Socket for Stock and Aftermarket Wheels on the S550

Re: Lug Nuts for Stock and Aftermarket Wheels on the S550

I just bought these from ford performance. Has anyone used them yet? I'll have them next week.
Re: Lug Nuts for Stock and Aftermarket Wheels on the S550

8250RPM said:
I just bought these from ford performance. Has anyone used them yet? I'll have them next week.
I thought you were using Ti lug nuts? Those should work fine but I'm not sure if they will work with the N4SM wheels. Let us know what you think of them when they arrive.

It's confirmed that both of these sockets work with the Dorman 611-257 lug nuts:

Copied over from the N4SM R Spec thread...

Instead of guessing let's measure! All three of these fit in my wheels so the two links below both state 1.10" in diameter so they should do fit.



Gorilla that I use: 1.092"


Craftsman 13/16" USA Made: 1.123"


Craftsman 13/16" spark plug socket USA Made: 1.052

The ford performance nuts (25pcs) are like $63 including $17 shipping via Levittown or Donwood.

611-257 dorman are like $2.77 each via rock auto ($7 shipping) unless yall can post a link where to find them reasonably priced?
Some options for 6GR wheels:
Interface OD of lug seat (60 deg cone), wrenching, height(length of nut)

Unknown mfg. Have tracked on these and purposely destroyed a couple on stock studs to test overtorque to 220ft/lb. Plating holds up good so far. Torquing to 148# M14x1.5 on 10.9 grade Dorman studs.
0.90", 3/4(19mm), 21.24mm
$16.45 (24) shipped
$42.00 (100) inc. shipping

Ford supplier: Quality likely high, fit unknown and ordered to test:
$51 (25)shipped
*EDIT/UPDATE*: FORD M-1012-N <== Just use these, they are subsidized by Ford for grassroots level use. They should charge us more for what they are. I am running these on Apex EC-7 and 6GR wheels.

Others via Brandsport I have ordered and tested:
Gorilla $1.14 each at 24 pcs

Gorilla $1.09 each at 24 pcs

Splined Excaliber $1.29

Splined Gorilla $50 set

90048S too short, not enough threads for repeat use
70048 too short and not wide enough at interface
96048 Gorilla little on short side and maybe soft, killed one seating 4 long studs at 170# but that might be somewhat abusive.
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I run the Ford Performance Open Ended Lug Nuts M-1012-N on both GT350R stock studs and a GT with ARP 14mm studs. The FP nuts fit the carbon fiber wheels, Apex, and 6GR wheels. I use the Performance Tool W32921 1/2-Inch Impact Drive 13/16-Inch Thin Wall Socket (Amazon with the plastic cover removed. I also removed a few hundredths off by spinning with 80, 300, then 600 grit wrapped around it so it would fit inside the 6GR wheels.

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