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M-6642-MBA Installation

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I'm finishing up installing the cooler and it seems that the "long hose" is very long, about 12-15" to long! It's 55" overall and the "short hose" is 35".Maybe I'm missing something.If you installed this I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks, Guy


Too Hot for the Boss!
At the cooler, use the angled ends of the hose (45* fittings) and have each one pointed towards the outside of the car. So, on the passenger side of the cooler, the hose will come off the cooler and head towards the side of the car vs. the center of the car. Then, gently loop the hose down and then across the front of the radiator at the bottom so you can tuck the line inside the lower fascia.

Once you do that, you'll see why the long hose is so much longer.
Thank you!
I had the hoses pointed to the outside,but without the bumper cover on it just didn't seem to work out.
Thanks again,can't wait to see the oil temp at Pocono Long next week!

Thanks again.


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Try and put some protection on the hoses where they pass through the splash shield and oil service tray. I have had the FRPP oil cooler for about a year and the textile braid got worn through where it rubbed. I just change my lines to Aeroquip stainless braided hose last week.
I run my hoses though firesleeve if at all possible,even stainless braid.It really saves them.I did have to use -12 because the fittings are pre installed.
Got all done yesterday.No problems,but what is the oil pressure before and after difference that you are seeing?
Thanks, Guy

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