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Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act Violation?

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How is requiring us to use an oil that meets WSS-M2C931-B, when the only oil that meets that spec is Motorcraft, NOT a violation of the MMWA?

I know the owners manual says "recommendation", so is that the loop hole?

Oh, and lets not turn this into an oil debate please. My nose is still bleeding from reading all of those threads.
They can do that because no one is stopping other manufacturers from making an oil that meets that spec, and Ford can't be responsible for other manufacturers not producing an oil that meets the spec. If they said you had to get the oil from them, that would be a violation, unless they gave it to you for free.
That's the loophole, they aren't requiring Motorcraft, just an oil that meets WSS-M2C931-B.

I'm not defending the requirement, just saying how it is.
Here's my understanding. Since they recommend - not require - their specs, and i use something that surpasses their specs, then I should be good. Then again, i'm not a lawyer lol.


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How do you prove it exceeds their specs? If there is one additive in their oil that your oil doesn't then they can say you did not meet their spec. It is a circular argument that they will win 9 out of 10 times. Just be careful about what you do and say if you have a warranty issue. I would have 8 qts of Motorcraft 5W-50 handy ;)
I've read they only have Mobil 1 in Canada, is that an exception? I would think so, so shouldn't that apply here to if it's not available or will they hit you with the special order BS. I think the argument could go either way depending on the situation.

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