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March 26-27 World Challenge St Pete races

This years World Challenge series got off to a great start for Ford with two Boss 302 powered Mustangs finishing 1st and 2nd during todays race! This is the first win for the Boss 302 engine in road racing!!! ;D

Tomorrow race will be televised live on the internet at 4:30 on

Let's hope they make it two for two!
That's great news and thanks for posting the link. Now we need a win in Grand Am Sports Car Challenge.
Oustanding! Thanks for posting up. I might tune in, if I can break myself away from driving the Boss tomorrow :) Trying to get my 1000 miles in before hitting the track in a couple weeks.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Form what I've heard, the FR500S cars were allowed to upgrade their 4.6Ls with this kit (or similar) and a 5.0 stroker crank as well, after getting spanked by the Acuras in the debut races using the 325hp 4.6L.

FYI you can watch the first race here:
Picutre of Jason von Kluge. 1st in the GTS Class 14th overall!


Round 2 GTS Class winner on 27 April was Eric Foss driving an FR500S with the 302R/S engine. Note he drives a Porsche 997 in the Grand Am Series!

Also in round one Foss started 12th out of 14 cars in the GTS Class and drove up to 3rd in Class. I think he's the one to watch this year in the GTS Class!


Let's hope this is a trend we'll see for the rest of the 2011 season, with Mustang beating those pesky Camaros!
Paul was cut off by lapped traffic on the restart and cut his tire down. He had a good chance of winning if it wasn't for that.....oh well..... 3rd place in today's race was running a Boss 302 motor and for his first professional race weekend did pretty good.

Some of the FR500's are actually running a stroked 4.6L and have nothing in common with the Boss 302 engine other than the displacement.

Boss 302S should do well in WC this year.

Next race is Long Beach April 15-17th. Should be a great race! Anyone going?
mwilson7 said:
Next race is Long Beach April 15-17th. Should be a great race! Anyone going?
Thanks for the update. I've been to the the LBGP about a dozen times over the years but I won't make it this year as I'm heading to Hawaii with my family for Spring break. The "party at the beach" is always a blast. My wedding date is 4/13/97 and I remember it by me missing the LBGP that year (along with some Tiger guy winning his first Masters). Anyone going to make it? I do plan on being at Laguna Seca this year I just hope my Q2 Boss is built by then.

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