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March 3 Dallas Boss Get Together Photos

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Many thanks to MrGT5oh for putting together a great little event. I do believe a great time had by all, and a parking lot full of beautiful Bosses!















1000 times better pics than mine here, including photos of the 302S that arrived after I'd already left... :)
These pictures are simply awesome. Who took those? And with what equipment. They are awesome. I sure wished I could have made the GTG yesterday. All those Boss's together look great!
Looks like a great turnout and some pretty sweet Bosses! Hopefully some of you guys can make it up to Southern Nebraska in September to the Boss track event. We didn't have any Texas representation last year, but did have severral from AZ, CO, IA, IN, MN, NE and CO. There are LOTS of Bosses in Texas so we'd love to see you guys come up and compete. It's a little over 9 hours from Dallas so an easy one day drive. We did have an FR500S last year, but maybe Smitty could be the first 302S ;D!!!!/


2012 #552
I can see why Ford made Kona Blue and White combination, the black is really hard to see. Maybe it's easier in person but in these pics it's hard to tell reverse C stripe is even there, JMO.
It was very hard to see in person from more than 10 feet away. When he first pulled up, I thought it was a 5.0 just pulling into the lot to check out the cars. Up close though, definitely cool and different.

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