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Morpace survey

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Kerry, San Diego
Completed my online survey today. Asked LOTS of questions about options and option packages.

The most notable question is whether I had or was familiar with a 2.4 I4 engine (I think it was a turbo?) with 310HP and 310 torque or a 4.9 litre V8 with 430 HP and 396 torque.

...telling questions in my mind...

They also made references to a 300 and 310 HP V6.


Kerry, San Diego
When, and if, you receive your survey it will be obvious Morpace (hired on Ford's behalf to conduct a survey) is discussing options, option packages and pricing for the new Mustang.

I believe those engines listed above are what will be available in the new Mustang.


Kerry, San Diego
ArizonaGT said:

Ford could spend a lot less money on consulting groups if they just trawled the various Mustang forums for real-time feedback.

...but then I wouldn't get the $25 Amazon gift card for being one of the first 900 respondents!

I don't doubt Ford trolls BMO and other Mustang boards and that it absolutely kills them to keep their mouth shut instead of jumping into discussions.

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