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My Laguna Seca arrived today at the dealer!

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I went down to see it, but don't get to drive it home for a few days when my mechanic of choice does his magic and the weather clears. It looks nice, but from the picture you can tell it rains here. Notice the Boss splitter on the car. I am not sure yet if the Laguna Splitter replaces or goes underneath the splitter already on the car.

The Splitter, Brake ducts, Trans scoop are all shipped separately. Ford told the dealer it will be about a week or more until they arrive. I had to sign some warranty waivers about the add-on parts from Ford racing having their own warranty. Dealer can install brake ducts and Trans scoop cooler at no charge.

It arrived !!!


The engine badge only has room for three digits and is prefixed with "LS". So, Laguna Secas will have their own numbering sequence.

I am really excited!!!!

I am also sad that my beloved '08 GT500 has to find a new home. :cry
Congrats Vince! Are you the first LS on the site so far?

Thanks - I don't know if I am or not - maybe the others are having too much fun driving to post !


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I knew the splitter etc didn't come installed, but I didn't think the car would be equipped with the "street" splitter in case you didn't install the LS one! That's cool...
Kaylan1521 said:

Red key comes later too no?
Red key is physically with the car, and it starts the car - it's the TracKey programming that comes later in the summer.
Congrats on what will be a very unique and rare part of mustang history! I can't wait for the full review!
Looks great Vince. I can't wait to read your driving impressions.

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