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New Yokohama AD08 R

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Has anyone run these yet? The AD08 R is the replacement for the AD08 although it's not a R comp tire. This looks to be a nice update to one of the best street tires available that fit our cars. Might be a nice option for those running 19" wheels when using a 15" brake rotor package.

Tulsa, OK
I had a friend who used the AD08s on his '11 GT for awhile and absolutely loved them. Great tire for someone wanting to be able to drive to and from the track and still have a sticky tire. He used them on a set of 19" gt500 takeoffs.
I'm not ready for new tires, but these look like a really nice option and would probably handle a lot better than the stock Pirelli's . I probably won't make a real track run, but will try my luck at the local 1/4mile track. I'm checking price's at the Millville Motorsport track in South Jersey and haven't figured out how it works yet. Looks like I'll have to ride behind a pace car for a few trips at $250 and some instruction for more $$ before I can ride hard on the track. 1/4mile I can run with the rest of the local idiot' But, in all seriousness, I'd consider these tires when I melt the treads off the Pirelli's.

Waiiit, that video is so fishy.
The lap times were set on 2 different days.
And do we even know if the laptimes were set by the same drivers, in identical car setups? Regardless, being on 2 different days throws the test completely out the window. Looks more like a marketing video to me (albiet an interesting and entertaining one).

But FWIW, AD08 has been great on the track. I have a few friends who are running them with zero complaints. That being said, I will stick with stock size for next season and will use PSS.


Too Hot for the Boss!
I've run AD07s and AD08s in the past and they are, by far, my favorite street-to-track tire. Very predictable and handle the heat very well. My only issue with them has always been the cost.

If I can find AD08Rs in a size that works on all four corners, I may pick up a set as they have always outlasted my Hankook RS-3s in the past.


neema said:
I've heard great things about the tires but they don't offer any 26"+ tall tires in 18s (or 305s)

Have run the AD08 in several OLOA and is my track day choice for the 6GT3. Can't help on the 26" tall but their 295 30/18 is 11.5 tread width which is as wide as most 315's ;)


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