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Oil consumption at the track

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Swiss Boss said:

I would like to know what's your oil consumption during track day.
Mine is about 1 quart per day. I got 2h-2,5h on track (5x 30mins).

Is this normal or too much?
I got the Peterson catch can.


I used a quart a day at the track when I first started, no need to worry. It calmed down a bit after I added the canister setup and it time it has been much less. Still to this day I always carry extra oil with me to the track.
I got 10'000mi on the car.

I'm not to worried since the car run great. No smoke whatsoever.
Just wanted to know what other people thoughts.
I always carry 2-3 quarts with me to the track just in case.

Thank you all for your answers


I've got about 12,000 miles on the Boss, and about 12 track weekends.
This summer I switched to Castrol (had been using Motorcraft until then).
For the first 10 track weekends, it never moved off full.
During the second track weekend on the Castrol (MPH Mustang Roundup), I added 1/2 quart.
Don't know if its the miles on the on the car, or the different oil, but either way, I'm not too worried.


Race tracks have turns!
8k miles, all track, about 20 track events. I'm an instructor, and I drive the car hard and get more sessions than usual.
No oil use whatsoever, on Mobil 1.
But water temp (in this dumb uncalibrated gauge) does get to high. Still in "ok" zone, but approaching max green. That's the main problem.

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