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One Lap shift fix fail

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Here is the story. As some of you may have read in the Racing section I was prepping da Boss for the 2012 One Lap of America and during testing, the inability to get a clean shift after the tranny heated up without balking was not acceptable. To hopefully alleviate this issue I decided to do a clutch upgrade and see if that was the problem. We decided, Trick Pro Motorsports and myself, to go with the RAM dual disc organic clutch and use the JHR clutch line with Castrol SRF fluid. Trick Pro, with phone calls to Ram to make sure the clearances were correct, installed the clutch. During initial break in miles, 300 or so, clutch was seamless and worked perfectly.

Time to test shifting at WOT time. Start in 1st rev to 7500 and shift to 2nd let off clutch and press accelerator, car revs to 7500 and and clutch pedal stays on the floor, let off accelerator and when revs drop to app. 6000 rpm the clutch pedal pops up and engages. Tried full throttle shifts several times and it happened every time. Went bact to Trick Pro and vacuum bleed the clutch 5 mores times with no success. At this time Trick Pro called RAM tech line and explained the problem. The owner of RAM was supposed to call back. This was Tuesday and I needed to leave for South Bend Wednesday afternoon so da Boss was NOT going on the One Lap. I will update what Trick Pro hears from RAM as I get the info. Right now da Boss is not ready for Prime Time and I don't have time to mess with it any more. I pressed the EASY BUTTON and climbed into my 04 6GT3 with 43,000 miles, bone stock, original clutch and left Wednesday for South Bend and the One Lap.

Moral of the story. When life gives you lemons, a Boss with shifting issues, instead of making lemonade you go to the garage and get the Porshe 6GT3 ;)

Written sitting South Bend saturday morning waiting for the 2012 OLOA to begin ;D

So if I understand what your saying, the "Race Track Ready" BOSS is not really "Ready", or certain parts are not? for prime time, or is this an isolated incident?

You replaced the clutch and not the shifter thought right?

I assume your using the Track Key?

Please keep us updated with what you find out...


Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)

Some guy on another forum stated that the problem that so many Boss owners are experiencing with clutch pedal sticking relates to a assist spring on the clutch pedal assembly causing the problem. The post gave very detailed instruction on how to remove this spring and claimed that once the spring was removed that the problem went away. The only down side he indicated in doing this is that there would be an increase in pedal effort of about 15%. I'll see if I can find this link. It was well written with a good set of pics that detailed the steps necessary to remove the spring. I know this does not solve your immediate problem that's keeping you from OLOA, but hang in there buddy, there is hope your problem can be solved.


edit update————————————————
Here's the link
That's a bummer and sorry it didn't fix the problem. Thanks for trying that as I'm sure many members have been watching your progress. Even though you're not driving the Boss please keep us updated on OLOA and good luck!
Dang it!!!! That sucks to hear big time! We don't know if it is the new clutch or what..... Keep us updated

Have fun on the OneLap Peter. I am good buddies with the guys at TopSpeed. This should be an epic year for the GT-R....
There has to be a solution for this. I just hammered away all day Saturday without aa single missed shift and ran 4th or 5th fastest car out of 90+ so I wasn't babying anything. It's just puzzling that some cars are having serious issues and others are just fine. For those wondering about the MGW it worked flawlessly yesterday and was an improvement over stock. Heading out for another day and will report back if anything changes with the shifting.....assuming the rain holds off.


OLOA update. Right now da Boss is not on the radar as I am fully involved in the event. The 2013 Roush Stage 3 entry is doing really well, 25th overall. The other Boss and LS not so well. Right now we are 16th overall and 13th in class. GT-r are winning with only a Viper ACR slipping into 3rd keeping the GT-r from taking the top 5 spots.



Update on clutch. TJ from Trick Pro my shop called and said he has been working productively with the owner of RAM and his Distributor on a solution. They have sent him a possible fix, he described it to me but i didn't get the whole skinny.

I do not slam anybody or anything on the web unless all options have been exhausted with the other party. This discussion is posted here on the clutch for information purposes and to acknowledge that ALL the parties are working on an agreeable solution. ;)

Dam a guard rail got an FR500S at the Mustang Roundup last year. I can't tell for sure where it's at on the course from that pic, but it looks like 14 right before the front straightaway.

It seems like these guys are following me around. ;D The last three of four tracks are the ones I've been on this spring. MAM, MPH an BIR. I'll be on RA next month too.
FWIW I ran an autox at MPH during the Mustang Roundup last year and they're not exactly like your typical parking lot course. They set the course up on the road course and run it "backwards". You certainly aren't hitting road course speeds, but you're going much faster in places than your typical parking lot course.

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