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One more reason to ban plastic grocery bags

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Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Driving the GT around today...noticed 'what's that burning smell?!'

Came home and saw a plastic grocery bag melting on the H/side pipe connection.

That's going to be fun to remove ::)

Had a friend with an '01 GT who got a bag melted on his mid pipe and we never got it all off...
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


Performance Fords
I actually had a trash bag get sucked into the fan on my 280Z once. It came from out of nowhere and then wrapped itself around the shank of the fan almost immediately before I could reach down and kill the ignition. I was furious! I had to pull over and it took 30 minutes to get that mess out of there. Then, some J-Hole drives by and says, excuse me, but I hope you are going to clean that up before you leave?!


Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
USNjocson said:
first world problems lol

Whaddaya mean? I'm in the developing nation of Kahlifonia...and the poor side of Orange County. ;) Oh, noes!!!

But thanks for putting me in the proper perspective :p


2012 500A #1626
Steel wool help? Or spray with refrigerant and have a go with a putty knife or razor blade (in a scraper/holder).
Tulsa, OK
I worked at a grocery store for 7 years starting at age 14. I hate plastic bags. Really just grocery bags of any kind...

Good luck removing it all!
Move to Austin...plastic bags are now illegal everywhere. It's bring your own bags every where unless the have paper. Most places don't. PITA. Be careful what you wish for.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
The offending bag:

Finally got around to dealing with this today. Luckily, most of the melted parts are on the clamp at the rear of the H pipe. If the remainder doesn't burn off or at least stop smelling bad, I'll replace the clamp.

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