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What are peoples thoughts on the LS with the CV1s? Granted this is a very rough photochop but thoughts?


Here is a picture on a Mustang

They totally look like wooden wagon wheels, except they happen to be made out of alloy and are a bit more stylized.
I am sorry..... but since you asked. I personally don't like them. Maybe my opinion is a moot point since I have a Shelby but someday I will likely have a black LS and I would put all black wheels on a black car. I could probably live with the standard Boss wheel if it wasn't GLOSS black with the bare aluminum rim edge...

Steelhorse said:
I kind of like them on that California Special.

That is what made me think they would look good on the LS but when I did it I was like eww just like everyone else has been saying.

I think the black Super Snake wheels would look great on a LS but for $3,000+ for a set of them in black it just isn't an option for me lol. I do like the black Laguna Seca wheels just wish they made them wider in the rear as well I guess I could send them off to weldcraft.


I appreciate the opinions guys.
I'm a big fan of the 2012 Black LS with red accents including the wheels. I wouldn't touch a thing on it with the exception of adding a black 302S grille. There's a guy with a 2012 GT500 that's white with red stripes and he added the red LS wheels. It looks HOT! Anyway looks are very subjective so go with what you like and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.

BTW I just purchased some black 302S wheels today and should have them mounted up next weekend. I'll post some photos when they are installed.
Sometimes when I see the Red LS wheels I think that they look pretty good and they don't bother me but sometimes I look at them and think it is too much red. I guess when I see some at Carlisle in a couple of weeks it will hopefully make my decision for me as pictures don't really show how good things look sometimes.

Nice! I bet they will look pretty good on your car!
In mid July I should have the money for one finally. I have been looking at your car since before you had the Cobra Jet grill in your car lol. Being 24 the insurance rates for a Boss have been to high until now.
I'm looking to go with the 302 R 18x10 BBS wheels if I can get them powder coated black{stain/ flat) to go with a (black or red) 302s grille on my 12 black LS.

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