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Order ALCANTARA shift boot and parking brake boot

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
These two were on sale on CJ pony parts so I picked them both up.
I think that this is what should have been in there factory to start with to match the steering wheel. I will keep the stock ones incase I decide to sell the car years from now


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
reakhavok said:
Those look nice! I've dropped too much recently to pick them up, but maybe down the road. Once they are installed let us know what you think.
oh I will and I will post pics. figures I should have checked tousley ford first. they are even cheaper there not sure how much shipping is.
AR3Z-7277-AA (ford part number for the shifter boot)
AR3Z-2404-B (ford part number for the parking brake)
$48 and $34 so it would have been cheaper even with shipping but not by too much. I have come to find only way Tousley can be beat is on small cheaper parts (less then $10) or the occasional super sale on one particular item.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
CaliMR said:
The white stitching will look bad imo, with the black ball. It sort of matches the white ball on the GT500.
with my car being white I figure it will look just fine. still better than the pleather they have from the factory lol

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