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Keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down!
The Pacific NW Region of the PCA just released their HPDE dates. We have a new facility up here, The Ridge Motorsports Park and the opening date is at The Ridge:

3/3/2012 Driver Ed - Instructor Training
4/7/2012 Driver Ed (RMSP)
4/18/2012 Driver Ed (PRI)
5/17/2012 Driver Ed (PRI)
6/20/2012 Driver Ed (PRI)
7/7/2012 Driver Ed (RMSP)
8/9/2012 Driver Ed (RMSP)
9/8/2012 Driver Ed (PRI)
10/4/2012 Driver Ed (PRI)

Hope to see some Boss 302 Pilots out there this year. Can't wait to get The Boss on the track. It will be a big change from my previous ride.

The BMW Club hasn't released their dates yet but they should have a couple at The Ridge.

How many Pacific Northwest Track Rats are on this forum?



Keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down!
Here are the dates for Turn 2 lapping:

Month Date Day Where
April 26th Thu Pacific Raceways
May 11th Fri Pacific Raceways
June 1st Fri Pacific Raceways
July 6th Fri Ridge Motorsports Park
July 12th Thu Pacific Raceways
Aug 22nd Wed Ridge Motorsports Park
Sept 7th Fri Pacific Raceways
Sept 21st Fri Ridge Motorsports Park
Sept 22nd Sat Ridge Motorsports Park
Sept 27th Thu Pacific Raceways

Here's the link to Turn 2 Lappings website, notice the picture in the header:



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I visit Portland for work on a semi-regular basis, never have my car with me, however. :(

Maybe some day I will drag it up there and unleash it on you coffee-drinking tree-huggers :)


Keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down!
ArizonaGT, TOO FUNNY & TRUE!!!!

Come on up, great tracks, Portland, Pacific Raceways (home track), Oregon Raceway Park (favorite), Spokane and The Ridge (new & haven't been on it yet). ORP is about 4 hours, the others can be reached in under 4 from Seattle.

Would really like to get down to AZ again, soon!!! My wife's sister just bought a small house in Gilbert and a couple people have purchased investment/rental property in Buckeye. We have a friend in Scottsdale that let's us use her condo. Really enjoy golf down there. Many courses have KICKED MY A**.


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